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This Fusion Fuel Experiment Will Bring Us One Step Closer to Ignition

If you hear the word ITER and think food, well...you’re not exactly wrong. ITER actually refers to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, but where you’d be right ab...

Den W. · 17 May 2021 · 51

Sun Power

Here's a mind-blowing fact. The sun releases more energy in just 1.5 millionth of a second than we humans on planet Earth consume in a year. That's a lot of power. Which is why so...

Alex · 06 January 2021 · 53

Fusion Energy Could Be a Reality in Less Than 5 Years

The joke about nuclear fusion is it’s always 30 years away. There are currently massive projects like ITER with the goal of delivering clean limitless energy but a working fusion r...

Alex · 23 October 2020 · 56