galaxy s21 (3)

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Samsung's Uno Reverse

As usual, the Galaxy S21 lineup will have two chipset configurations, Snapdragon 875 and Exynos 2100 and today we have benchmark scores of the Snapdragon variant which the folks ov...

19 November

Samsung Is Becoming A THREAT To Apple's DOMINANCE In Tablets

Samsung is on a roll lately. A couple of days ago we saw that Samsung was able to retain the number one spot in smartphone rankings after selling over 80 million smartphones in Qua...

03 November

Galaxy S21 Ultra - first Samsung phone to have 5 rear cameras?

So about a week ago we saw the first look at the Galaxy S21 Ultra that showed this camera setup consisting of 4 camera sensors. It originated from Onleaks who as you know is one of...

30 October