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Intel i3-10100 vs 9100 vs 8100 - Does Hyperthreading Matter?

Intel recently launched the i3-10100 processor, which has added hyperthreading to the i3, but just how much of a performance boost does this give us over the older i3-9100 and i3-8100 CPUs in games and applications? Let’s find out and see how t...

JT · 19 August 2020 · 1.1K

Intel i7-10700K vs i7-9700K - Does Hyperthreading Matter?

How does the new Intel i7-10700K processor compare against the older i7-9700K from last generation? Let’s see what the differences are in games and applications both at stock and while overclocked. Starting out with the specs, both are 8 core p...

JT · 30 July 2020 · 2K