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SpaceX and NASA Will Deliver Next-Generation Power to the ISS

SpaceX and NASA are teaming up again to launch their 22d Commercial Resupply Services mission to the ISS... but this time, they're bringing along tools to give it a makeover! Onboard the Dragon cargo capsule is a massive solar array system that&rsqu...

Kelly · 06 June 2021 · 66

SpaceX And NASA Prepare For the Historic Launch of Crew-1

We saw Demo-2 head to space with astronauts and return safely. But that was just a test. Now SpaceX is ready for the real deal: Crew-1. And like many of SpaceX’s endeavors, it’s making a lot of firsts. Crew-1 will be SpaceX’s first...

Alex · 12 November 2020 · 47

In Space, Every Poop Is a Floater: Why the New ISS Toilet Costs $23 Million

We have a habit of deifying astronauts, but the truth is they’re humans just like us. They put on their space suits one leg at a time, they have to eat, sleep, and just like us, poop. The only difference is if their toilet doesn’t work, they can’t po...

Den W. · 3 years ago · 90