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How To Improve The Accuracy of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

From start to finish the data management history businesses are discovering more efficient ways of data management and data processing. The invention of the printing press was a huge advancement in data storage. It helps in the storage of large scale...

Ryan Jason · 11 February 2021 · 104

Features of the development of KYC technology

KYC technology stands for know your customer. KYC is a procedure for verifying personal data. For the verification procedure to be successful, the client must present documents confirming his identity. The client must provide all information during r...

Alex · 05 June · 20

Know Your Customer: How Technology Helps You to Know Your Customer

Sectors such as finance and investments must guarantee not only seamless and successful services to their customers, but also that legal resources flow through them. For this, among the skills to manage risks is the knowledge of custom...

Jessica Adison · 17 October 2022 · 11