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What Does Race Have to Do With COVID-19?

Over the course of the pandemic so far, one trend that has emerged is that the health impacts of COVID-19 vary widely by race.  Although genetic factors have been considered by some as an underlying cause, it's clear from the overwhelming...

Alex · 10 August 2020 · 70

luke Knox Cause of Death

Luke Knox, a promising 22-year-old athlete with a radiant future in the football community, faced an unexpected tragedy on August 17th. As the younger sibling of former Ole Miss star tight end Dawson Knox, Luke had recently transferred to Florida Int...

Taimor Khan · 20 December 2023 · 2

Key Components of a Masterful Risk Management Framework

Let's embark on a journey into the realm of risk management, where our goal is to construct a solid framework that safeguards organizations while keeping in mind the principles of Risk Management Training and the MoR Course. Think of it as a well-org...

Andrew Shon · 27 October 2023 · 4