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Why Isn't Cable TV In 4K?

Dude, where's my 4K TV? I mean, sure, you can go out and buy a 4K TV set for cheap. But if you subscribe to cable or satellite, there just isn't that much 4K content available desp...

Den W. · 20 May · 461

There's ANOTHER Version of HDMI

HDMI made the entire Internet mad recently by introducing a confusing new branding scheme when the old one was serving everyone just fine. But hold on, there's more, because it's a...

Den W. · 19 February · 42

HDMI 2.1 Isn't What It Seems

HDMI 2.1 has a ton of really cool features, some of which are so important that they're heavily influencing the buying decisions of all gamers and general users alike. But, as exci...

Den W. · 12 February · 43