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“The Hand of God,” Drama Netflix

With his rich coming-of-age drama “The Hand of God,” Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino not only courts, but squashes comparisons to formative maestro Federico Fellini. Many viewer...

Shidiq Permana · 25 November 2022 · 93

John and Mary, A Movie Romance Drama Reviews

"John and Mary" is supposed to be a contemporary movie, I guess, and yet it's curiously out of touch. John and Mary shadow box uneasily with the American language, trying to sound...

Shidiq Permana · 12 July 2022 · 54

Reviews Fatal Attraction A Movie Romance Erotic Drama

"Fatal Attraction" is a spellbinding psychological thriller that could have been a great movie if the filmmakers had not thrown character and plausibility to the winds in the last...

Shidiq Permana · 01 July 2022 · 230