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Benefits that you can acquire by using an online dictionary in 2023

Using print dictionaries has long gone out of the picture; it is the era of using online dictionaries now. The conveniences that using online dictionaries have provided the users w...

Manas Nayak · 01 February · 2

What is the contribution of online dictionaries in learning?

Technology has made almost everything easier without a fail and it is now tough to complete a day without any technical interference. The invasion of Covid-19 has made it all even...

Manas Nayak · 14 January · 51

Technological Evolution of English Language

The language, English, is not what is used to be decades ago. If we bring back the old literary pieces, then we will be able to see the evident differences that persist between dif...

Manas Nayak · 02 January · 98 · 1