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How Stretching Can Improve Your Physical Performance and Reduce the Risk of Injury?

What is that one thing that has the power to offer you relaxation, release stress and anxiety, strength, flexibility, and balance, relief from arthritis issues, and more? You probably must have guessed it by now - it’s Yoga. Have you ever felt...

Peter Max · 17 May 2023 · 6

Post-Holiday Weight Loss With Personal Trainer And Intermittent Fasting

Enjoy the holidays! Enjoyable celebrations with loved ones and, of course, plenty of tasty food. But what happens when the festivities end, and you realize your favorite jeans are a tad snugger than they used to be? No need to fret! This blog is your...

Stefanie NYLAND · 16 February · 10

How to relieve back pain from exercises at home.

When you are tired or often complaining about back pains and muscle aches, it is a sign that your body is trying to tell you that you need to strengthen and get better. Some may feel that since they are experiencing backache, they rest a bit more, bu...

Peter Max · 31 May 2023 · 7