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The World’s First Room Temperature Superconductor Is Here

Superconductors are the secret sauce that many designs for quantum computers, particle accelerators, and fusion reactors depend on to function. But most superconductors need to be...

Alex · 06 November 2020 · 105

Fusion Energy Could Be a Reality in Less Than 5 Years

The joke about nuclear fusion is it’s always 30 years away. There are currently massive projects like ITER with the goal of delivering clean limitless energy but a working fusion r...

Alex · 23 October 2020 · 56

Scientists Explore the Breaking Point Between Classical and Quantum Physics

Here’s a puzzler for you — what’s it called when a system stays the same temperature... even when it has an energy input that should be making it hotter? I think most peoples’ answ...

Jacob Enderson · 16 September 2020 · 90