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'Minecraft: Education Edition is Available On Chromebooks

Ahead of a new school year that could have students not stepping into a classroom, Microsoft is bringing Minecraft: Education Edition to Chromebooks. The Chrome OS version of Minecraft: Education Edition will allow cross-platform play between Windows, iPad and Mac versions of the game, so students will have the chance to collaborate and socialize...

Klint Kendall · 26 September 2022 · 5

Minecraft Mod Turns it into An Total War Game

Minecraft mods can do many things nowadays however, some of the coolest mods include new features. Some allow you to see for a long time, while others let you drive in Mario Karts and some make the game into an Elden Ring. The Mi Alliance mod is something entirely different though, and it's awesome. The Mi Alliance: Invasion! The mod was released...

Torres Ho · 26 September 2022 · 343

The Complete Changelog can be Viewed Here

Minetest, the Minecraft-like voxel game engine (and an easy game that comes with it) has a major new version that comes with Minetest 5.4.0 and it's worth a second try. As we mentioned in the release Candidate stage one of the most important features for users in this release is vastly easier modding with both small mod packs and entire games. Min...

Klint Drake · 26 September 2022 · 2