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MongoDB vs PostgreSQL: main differences and migration issues

The data storage mechanism can change throughout the entire life cycle of an application. It is completely normal when a decision that was used at the start is abandoned in favor of a more suitable one after a couple of years of operation. A common s...

Jacob Enderson · 08 May · 110 · 1

Database Weekly Digest. September 11, 2020

The CMU Database of Databases — An online encyclopedia of 714 (and counting) database systems, thanks to Carnegie Mellon University. We might have to spend some time going through this! It includes a leaderboard showing the most...

Alex · 11 September 2020 · 108

What is Baked in the Baker's Dozen?

On April 8, PostgreSQL feature freeze took place, so only features committed earlier will get into version PostgreSQL 13. Probably, this version can hardly be considered revolutionary, since it has no conceptual changes. Some of critical patches were...

Alex · 30 April 2020 · 152