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How to Install the OptiFine Mod For Minecraft

To install the OptiFine Mod for Minecraft as a standalone configuration (without Minecraft Forge), make sure you're running the most recent version of Minecraft and update to the latest version if you aren't. Then, open the Minecraft Launcher, click the Launch Options tab, then click Latest Release. From there, click the "Game Directory" switch, h...

Murphy Hatch · 25 September 2022 · 108

Minecraft Chat Reporting Features are Staying, Says Mojang

Minecraft's moderation and reporting features were announced last month and quickly received criticism from the community for being unsuitable for the task. However, despite some rational criticism and arguments being thrown against the tools, Mojang has stated they're sticking with the features as they are. MojangMeesh the community manager on Re...

Lerche Kjer · 05 September 2022 · 13

This Minecraft Stranger Things Build Is Excellent

Minecraft doesn't have any official Stranger Things DLC, at least not as of yet, but it was only a matter of time until people began building things based on the Netflix show in the end. It's not like horror is a complete contradiction to what Minecraft is about; just stumble across the mighty Warden and you'll see that's the case, but it's still...

Faulkner Barr · 05 September 2022 · 123