shift register (3)

How Shift Register Works?

If four bits of data are transferred into the system via four clock signals on one wire at the data-in point, lower, and the information is available on all four Outputs QA and QD...

Anita Chan · 27 January · 37

An Introduction of the 74HC165D,653 Shift Register

General Description The 74HC165D,653 is serial or parallel-in to a serial-out shift register with an 8-bit resolution. The serial data input, eight parallel data inputs, and two e...

kate · 18 January · 14

How Shift Registers Work & What is a shift register?

Introduction: What is a shift register? A shift register is a type of digital circuit that shifts its bits in sequence. Shift registers are a very common component in counting ci...

Anita Chan · 08 January · 88