smart access memory (3)

Is This AMD's Secret Weapon?

Are you in the market for a new graphics card? If so, you've probably seen plenty of performance reviews that primarily focus on the GPU itself. But the video memory of a graphics...

06 January

Radeon 6000 series. RIP RTX 3090?

RDNA 2 has been rumored, it's been speculated on, heck, I even played on the new architecture in the Xbox, but now we finally got the details for the PC add-in cards, and the first...

31 October 2020

AMD Fires Back! - Radeon RX 6000

NVIDIA may have hyped the crap out of its new Ampere GPU lineup, but you weren't expecting AMD to sit around and do nothing, were you? That's not how Dr. Lisa Hsu rolls.  Team red...

31 October 2020