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Solar street lights: A Positive Change – Beyond Solar

Have you ever pondered over the amount of power consumed by street lights? Let’s start small with a table lamp. Your table lamp will consume 7 Watts worth of energy to help you wor...

Beyond Solar · 03 February · 14

Advantages of Solar Lighting for Business — Beyond Solar

Commercial setups run for long hours and depending on the nature of a corporate setup, some operate through the night as well. The huge requirement of power supply and escalation i...

Beyond Solar · 15 October 2022 · 27

Six Reasons to use LED Solar Flood Lights for Safety and Securit

You want a secure home but let’s face it; alarm systems, electronic gates, and security lighting come at a high cost. You also have to cover maintenance costs with rising utility b...

Beyond Solar · 14 October 2022 · 13