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Why SwiftUI is better than Swift for iOS Development?

Before we start we have to understand What is Swift and What is SwiftUi? Swift is a programming language while SwiftUI is a basic framework. Swift is a Set of instructions for a computer or computing device to perform specific tasks. It provides th...

Best Remote Team · 26 April · 93

Why 2020 Apple Silicon Macs will NOT be more expensive!

I’ve been writing a lot of in-depth articles about Apple Silicon, based on a lot of info found within Apple’s own WWDC 2020 developer tutorial videos. And based on everything I’ve seen, I’m very confident that Apple Silicon Ma...

Alex · 12 August 2020 · 280

SwiftUI — Complex navigation made easier with UIPilot

Recently, I’ve been engaged on an iOS app that makes use of SwiftUI, which is a tremendous factor that’s occurred to iOS growth in latest instances. Having already labored on declarative frameworks on android (Jetpack compose), flut...

Raksha Garambha · 28 April 2022 · 35