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Global Supply Shortage Getting Worse Day by Day

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the supply shortage. It’s all over the news and many of you have likely experienced it firsthand. It’s no secret that wait times and prices...

Brown Wolf · 02 August · 43

EV maker Rivian is down $143 Billion, but is still overvalued?

Near the end of last year, Rivian was the third most valuable automaker in the entire world only beaten out by Toyota and Tesla. This means that they had a higher valuation than Vo...

Brown Wolf · 07 July · 41 · 1

Tesla has another big move in battery supply!

In November last year, Tesla Model Y once again lengthened the pickup cycle due to the shortage of supply, with a delivery time of 10 to 14 weeks. The impact of the supply chain cr...

kate · 26 February · 27 · 1

Bitcoin News: Elon Musk Bitcoin FUD & MoneyGram onboarding

It’s another one of those weeks where Tesla and Elon Musk are dominating the markets. A few months ago it was big news when Tesla announced they would start accepting Bitcoin as a...

Jacob Enderson · 15 May 2021 · 118

Crypto News: Bitcoin ETF 2021, Gold, or Tesla? NFT Tezos News

This week it’s all about the big players. We  don’t just mean the big players in crypto,   we mean the biggest financial  juggernaut this planet has ever seen Jerome Powell, chair...

Alex · 27 March 2021 · 57

Crypto News: Tesla, Mastercard, BNY Mellon and Miami goes in on crypto, BNB Smart Chain takes on ETH

If you had a crystal ball, what would it tell you about which big institution will follow Tesla’s example and put Bitcoin on their balance sheet?

 Apple? Samsung or Twitter?


Jacob Enderson · 13 February 2021 · 72

Tesla Bitcoin News

The news today is big, it’s very big. In fact,   what we’ve got going on right  now could turn out to be   one of the biggest things to happen to Bitcoin  in all of 2021. And in my...

Den W. · 09 February 2021 · 68

Tesla Q1 2020 Earnings Analysis

Once again, Tesla had a record breaking quarter and once again, it surprised almost everyone, including Wall St, with the stock rocketing up 10% in after hours trading before comin...

Alex · 05 May 2020 · 23