5 All-Time Best Bollywood Comedy Movies You Should Watch

Bollywood is a genre of Indian films that are often musical but also tell an interesting story in a conventional Hollywood style. Bollywood is also known for its infusion of masala (or spice), which is not just the familiar love story. For those who...

Scarlett Watson · 04 November 2022 · 200

5 Best Hollywood Action Movies of All the Time

Every generation has its own favourite Hollywood action movies, and this one is no different. Whether you’re a fan of fast-paced fight scenes or cheesy lines, these five films will have you on the edge of your seat. Somebody has to be the bad g...

Scarlett Watson · 31 October 2022 · 111

5 Best Bollywood Romance Movies 2020

Bollywood, or Bharat, is the most prominent Indian film production industry. It is famous for its film songs, dance, multi-genre storylines, and artistic performance. Romance is an element that is a driving force in pop culture and films, offering a...

Scarlett Watson · 27 October 2022 · 92