10 Best Makeup Products For You in Dubai

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30 November 2022

Looking for the best makeup products in Dubai? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will share with you 10 of the best makeup products that are available in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for foundation, mascara, or lipstick, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, here are the 10 best makeup products Best baby selling products in dubai UAE for you in Dubai at Home Closet:


When it comes to makeup, most women start with the basics – a good foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, and lipstick. These are the products that will help you create a polished look that will last all day. But with so many different brands and products on the market, it can be tough to know where to start.

If you're living in Dubai, you're lucky enough to have access to some of the best makeup brands in the world. From high-end labels like Dior and Chanel to more affordable options like L'Oreal and Maybelline, there's something for everyone.

To help you find the perfect products for your needs, we've put together a list of our top picks for the best foundations, concealers, powders, mascaras, and lipsticks available in Dubai. Whether you're looking for a full coverage foundation or a natural finish powder, we've got you covered.

BB Cream

Nowadays, BB cream is one of the most popular makeup products in Dubai. Many women use it as their foundation or base makeup. It provides a natural look and feel to the skin while moisturizing and protecting it from the sun. It is available in different shades to match your skin tone. You can find BB cream in any beauty store or online shop in Dubai.


When it comes to concealer, you want something that will cover up blemishes and dark circles without looking cakey. The key is to find a formula that blends well and matches your skin tone perfectly.

We recommend the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for its full coverage and natural finish. This concealer is perfect for hiding any imperfections while still allowing your skin to breathe. Plus, it comes in a variety of shades so you can find the perfect match for your skin tone.

For a more affordable option, check out the L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer. This drugstore concealer has a lightweight formula that conceals without looking heavy or cakey. It also comes in 12 different shades, so you’re sure to find a perfect match for your skin tone.


There are a few main types of powders available on the market, and each has its own set of benefits. Here is a quick rundown of the most popular powders to help you choose the best one for your needs:

  1. Loose powder: Loose powder is ideal for those with oily skin, as it helps to control shine and absorb excess oil. It can also be used to set makeup in place and create a smooth, matte finish.
  2. Pressed powder: Pressed powder is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and provides buildable coverage. It comes in a compact form that makes it easy to carry around in your purse or makeup bag.
  3. Mineral powder: Mineral powder is a great option for those with sensitive skin, as it generally contains fewer ingredients and is less likely to cause irritation. This type of powder can also be used to create a natural, flawless finish.
  4. Bronzing powder: Bronzing powder is typically used to add a bit of color and warmth to the face. It can be applied all over the face or just in certain areas, such as the cheeks, forehead, or nose, to create a sun-kissed look.


When it comes to Baby essentials for new moms in dubai finding the best makeup products in Dubai, there is no shortage of options. However, if you are looking for a bronzer that will give you a natural-looking sun-kissed glow, then we recommend checking out the following products:

  1. L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer: This concealer is ideal for covering up any imperfections and evening out your skin tone. It comes in a crayon form, which makes it easy to apply, and it's super blendable so that your bronzer will look natural and seamless.
  2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: This foundation is perfect for those with oily or combination skin, as it mattifies the skin and helps to control shine. It also blurs the appearance of pores, which is ideal if you want your bronzer to look its best.
  3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation: If you're looking for a foundation that will give your skin a healthy glow, then we recommend checking out the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It's lightweight and buildable, so you can create your desired level of coverage, and it contains SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.
  4. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation: This powder foundation provides full coverage without looking heavy or cakey on the skin. It's perfect for those with oily skin


  1. Blush is one of the best makeup products for you in Dubai. It is a great way to add color to your face and to enhance your features. There are many different types of blushes available, so you can choose the one that best suits your skin tone and your personal style. If you are not sure which type of blush to choose, ask a salesperson at the cosmetics counter for help.
  1. When applying blush, use a brush or your fingers to blend it into your skin. Start by applying the color to the apples of your cheeks, then blend it up towards your temples. Be careful not to put too much color on, as this can make you look like you are wearing a mask.
  1. Choose a blush that is close to your natural skin tone for a more subtle look, or go for something brighter if you want to make more of a statement. Either way, have fun experimenting with different colors and shades until you find the perfect one for you!


If you are looking for a makeup product that will help you achieve a natural and more youthful appearance, then consider using a highlighter. Highlighters are available in different forms such as liquids, powders, creams, and sticks. They can be applied to the face, neck, collarbone, and décolletage. Choose a highlighter that contains light-reflecting particles to brighten your complexion. For a more intense effect, use a liquid highlighter on the cheekbones and brow bones. You can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes.

Eyeshadow Palette

There are a few staple makeup products that you need in your arsenal, no matter where you live in the world. One of those products is a good eyeshadow palette. Whether you like to keep your looks natural or go for something more dramatic, having a versatile eyeshadow palette on hand is always a good idea.

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, there are endless options to choose from. However, not all eyeshadow palettes are created equal. If you're on the hunt for a new eyeshadow palette and don't know where to start, we've got you covered.

Here are our top picks for the best eyeshadow palettes in Dubai:

  1. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is perfect for creating any type of look, whether you're going for something natural or smoky and sexy. It features 18 highly pigmented shades in both matte and shimmer finishes. Plus, the formula is easy to blend, so you can create any look you want with ease.

  1. ColourPop Yes Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

This affordable option features 12 gorgeous shades that range from neutral to bold. The shadows are all incredibly pigmented and easy to blend, so you can create any look you desire. Plus, the price point is unbeatable for the quality of this palette.


Dubai is home to some of the best makeup artists in the world, and they know their stuff when it comes to finding the best mascara for your needs. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for mascara in Dubai:

  • Waterproof vs. non-waterproof: If you're looking for a mascara that will stand up to heat and humidity, go for a waterproof option. However, if you don't need that level of protection, a non-waterproof mascara will do the trick.
  • Length: Do you want long, dramatic lashes or something more natural? There are mascaras available in both lengths, so it's just a matter of preference.
  • Volume: If you want a volumizing mascara, there are plenty of options on the market. Just be sure to read the reviews before purchasing to make sure it's right for you.
  • Curl: If you have straight lashes, look for a mascara that promises to add curl. Again, reading reviews is key to finding the right product for your needs.
  • Price: Mascara prices can range from AED 10 all the way up to AED 400+. It really depends on your budget and what you're looking for in a product.


If you're looking for a new lipstick to add to your collection, consider one from Dubai. With so many brands and formulas to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade and finish for your look. Plus, with the warm weather in Dubai, you'll want a lipstick that won't melt or smudge in the heat.

Some of our favorite lipsticks from Dubai include the Nude by Nature Matte Lipstick in Desert Rose, the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Bombshell, and the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Spicy. All of these lipsticks have long-wearing formulas that will stay put no matter what the temperature is like outside. Plus, they come in beautiful shades that are perfect for creating a range of looks.


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