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  1. Hi, thank you very much for the article, can you post the urls of the components just for comparison.

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  3. Hellou!

    First of all great rewiev! I have same model but with GTX 1650 in it... i wonder how you enable freesync on, because i have do anything with letaest graphic drivers, but in AMD Radeon Softwer i cant togle freesync mode on! You write that this model is capable of freesync, so how you do this? Thank in advance!

  4. Thanks for running all thes benchmarks... I've been using my Razer, exact same model as author, since May, 2020. I've had a similarly consistent experience with the performance. It absolutely bangs!

  5. Currently in France the ryzen 5 costs 110€ more than the i5. The i5 10600k is the best choice right now.

  6. so you can run the setup with an SSD and a hard drive too then ?

  7. I'm more interested in Qled gaming monitors like the odyssey g7, but it's expensive, so I'm waiting for a better price at same configuration, except 240hz, 165hz is enough

  8. Hey JT, when you say: " You don’t have to tune the memory, but by default most DDR4-3200 kits will run with slower timings than the 2666 sticks MSI are using." what do you mean the kits will run with slower timings? I have the 10sf-005us/GS66005 model and want to upgrade the ram from the installed 16GB of ram to 64GB of ram, specifically: Crucial 32GB (x2) Single DDR4 3200 MT/S CL22 SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT32G4SFD832A. Thank you!!

  9. yeah apparently it does run cooler but in exchange of fan noise.... in the end I will not buy either since they are not able to run cold and silent on idle/light tasks... sad but apparently I cant have a powerful laptop for work and gaming when I want... and since laptops today have no middle ground I will have to buy something weaker with something like a GeForce MX250/350