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  2. couldn't have said it better myself

  3. Superb article! I'd read it a while back, but am commenting now because I've just upgraded my 3900x PC with a 5950X. I got it for $800, new, seal unbroken.

    ^I'm not good at overclocking,^ but have just used the Auto OC feature in Ryzen Master, which bumps up the scores by 6-12% in multi-core all 3 Cinebench, CPU-Z and Geekbench and down a bit (3-6%) in single, just as your article noted.

    My conundrum is now this. I think I've scored a boxed 3950x for $410!! Assuming I wasn't scammed. So, if I want to spend the least $, I'll sell the 5950 for 800-875, or sell the 3950x for 100-175 more, if I'm lucky..

    Of course, what I really need is a latest gen GPU, as my 1080 and 1070's are holding me back... but not much for video editing, and very little for photo editing. I don't game, though maybe someday before I turn 100, lol.

    I also have a 3700x on its way (I think and hope) for $233. It will be a nice upgrade for my 2700x powered 2nd PC, which I should be able to sell for $170-220....

    What fun!

    ^I've seen a number of OC guides, but have yet to try any. Any tips? With my 3900 and 2700, both didn't like to be overclocked and ran just fine in Auto mode.

  4. Hi, thank you very much for the article, can you post the urls of the components just for comparison.

  5. Thanks for sharing your Blog. It was really good

  6. Hellou!

    First of all great rewiev! I have same model but with GTX 1650 in it... i wonder how you enable freesync on, because i have do anything with letaest graphic drivers, but in AMD Radeon Softwer i cant togle freesync mode on! You write that this model is capable of freesync, so how you do this? Thank in advance!

  7. Thanks for running all thes benchmarks... I've been using my Razer, exact same model as author, since May, 2020. I've had a similarly consistent experience with the performance. It absolutely bangs!

  8. Currently in France the ryzen 5 costs 110€ more than the i5. The i5 10600k is the best choice right now.