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  1. Another proof that there's a lot more to consider when purchasing SSD's than their sequential read & write speeds

  2. fyi: no company is truly private in China, there are specific laws that guarantee the CCP access to whatever they please from any company

  3. Games consoles did this for the same reason, if they use the hbm memory as system memory, they'll probably get a massive performance gain from that alone.

  4. Well. I will say just go for 6 core intel or wait for Ryzen. Simply due to price.

  5. I will say though that modding the bottom panel might not be a great idea. As you said, it's (likely) designed that way to pull air over other components, cooling them in the process. Your CPU/GPU temps might drop slightly, but other components are going to be missing out on that cooling, which could impact its longevity. I modded the bottom panel of my Asus G51 back in the day and ended up covering it back up for this reason.

  6. There's another BIG problem with TVs as well that is the part where the upscaler is not programmed to deal with 240p. The "TV standard" is that you send 240 lines, 60 times per second, and those lines are either ODD or EVEN, as in you send line 1, 3, 5, 7 then on the next frame its line 2,4,6,8... But old consoles don't do that, they send just the same field over and over, while keeping the other field black, and this works fine on CRTs as you get twice as bright lines etc… So ideally, the televisions should detect when this is being done and either keep one of the fields as black lines or double the lines, but instead they try to force the picture to be 480i and you get awful artifacts like the combing

  7. This is really good considering ryzen model has 4 physical cores compared to 6 in Intel and shows how much IPC improvement Ryzen 2 has brought over Zen+ architecture compared to Intel.

  8. Those extra pins don't seem to be helping Intel any, that's for sure.

  9. Kde using a bit more cpu then xfce. But with plasma version 5.17 the ram usage is almost in the range of xfce so the kde plasma team have done some Good work. För computer with less cup poker xfce is a good option to go.

  10. Costomization on linux is just amazing you can make the system look what you like very easily and safely and a lower chance to destroy your system

  11. I read somewhere in the manjaro forums that at this point kde has been worked on so much that its now faster than xfce. Is this true?

  12. That motherboard is by far the best I've seen, I dig the black and gold