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  1. We can expect Abode and other will optimize for ryzen in near future ☺️

  2. They´re following the trend of hybrid cars: small, efficient electric motors for driving in cities, and large and (relatively) powerful but inefficient engines for occasional large trips.

  3. I love how people are praising Nvidia for this technological "advancement" when they barely know anything about Samsung 8nm Fabrication Structure. I can already see what's going to happen with laptops and Hopper, assuming Hopper uses Samsung again. Oh on no no 🔥🔥⚡⚡

  4. Nvidia should have said "in certain instances" the 3080 is double power.

  5. I love the fact that phones are getting weird again.

  6. I love it when greedy, capitalistic corporations fight each other for more money lol

  7. I think I'm on Epic's side this time. It's still a tough call, but I think they should win the lawsuit.

  8. Interesting a function that in my opinion should be in all Laptops, even if sometimes it does not increase much is already something and may improve in the future.

  9. I'll wait for the RTX 3080 version of the laptop, gonna be priced at the same (maybe even lesser) amount

  10. Still rocking my Note 9 and I love it. It has everything I want and runs great. I don't mind the very tiny chins. I'd take those over the pinhole cameras. I don't know I just feel like I don't really need anything else? Just sharing my opinion.

  11. It finally happened. Perfect timing as a new generation of GPUs is right around the corner too. Asus' monitor game is on point

  12. By the time the world has upgraded to quantum internet, the DMV will finally be getting DSL