10 easy steps of writing an article

10 easy steps of writing an article
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Content is the king. This is not only a mere statement but a fact, a truth that you need to keep in mind. Be it a business or a website or a product, if you want to promote something, one of the best methods of doing so is writing an article and publishing that in article submission sites.

But writing an article and publishing the same for a proprietor is certainly challenging. In this scenario, you can hire a freelancer and let them do it all (which can be quite expensive) or you can do it yourself by following a step-by-step easy article writing method.

Now if you are wondering about this steps, those are discussed below:

1. Choose your topic

The first and foremost step of writing an article is to think of a topic. Now, your topic can’t be just anything. It needs to be directly or closely related to the product or service you are promoting. Hence, choose the topic wisely and keep in mind that you need to write for your product or service through this topic.

Article submission sites usually allow you to publish your article only when you can offer them with a relevant yet powerful topic.

2.  Start researching

Now that you have decided your topic, your next step should be conducting research. You can research in whatever ways you feel suitable but make sure to note down now how your competitors are promoting their services and products through articles. You can browse through article submission sites as well and observe what kind of articles they are promoting.

You also need to research every accurate information related to your topic as well. You should never feed your readers with wrong information.

3. Choose keywords

If content is the king then keywords are its most powerful weapon. Keywords decide if you will be able to reach to your target audience or not. Hence, choosing the right keywords is a crucial step of writing an article. You can perform keyword research with the help of several tools, such as Google Keyword Planner.

Article submission sites usually require two to three keywords that your article is focusing on.

4. Plan a structure

Now that you have got everything that’s needed, you would want to dive into writing. But before that you need to plan a structure. Plan an introduction, some subheadings, and a conclusion. Once you know what to write in under each point, you are good to go.

Article submission sites prefer your articles when they have multiple headings and subheadings.

5. Start writing

Now comes the most important stage, which is to start writing finally. Write however you want but make sure to add accurate information and not to drift away from your point. And also make sure to promote your products and services in a very subtle way. Outright promotion can annoy some readers.

6. Finish writing before it’s too long

An ideal article size is of 2000 words, anything longer than that possess a risk of readers skipping to read at all. Thus, do not write much more than is needed. Write to the point and stop before you drift away from your topic.

7. Review and make it better

There are bound to be some typos and some other mistakes and that is why you need to review your article once you are done writing it. Review each line and make the content better if possible.

Article submission sites tend to reject articles that have mistakes in those.

8. Make it readable

Once you are done reviewing, make sure to make the article readable. Use short paragraphs, highlights important information, use different formatting for headings and add links to authentic sources.

The more readable your articles are the more preferred those will be by Article submission sites.

9. Add relevant images

Making your articles visually appealing is one of the most important parts of article marketing. Thus, you need to add relevant and high quality images to your article for making sure the Article submission sites have no excuse of rejecting your article.

10. Publish your article

Now that the writing part is done, you need to publish your article to a reputed article submission site. ALInscribe is one of the best Article submission sites you can ever find. It is easy to use and has a huge reader base.

You only need to register with your email id and start publishing articles once your account has been approved. Your article will gain 500 views in no time when you publish it in ALInscribe.  

So, now that you know it all, don’t wait anymore. Visit ALInscribe and start posting articles keeping the steps in mind.

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