10+ Strategies to Score Top Grades in the Next Maths Exam

10+ Strategies to Score Top Grades in the Next Maths Exam
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10 November 2022

Surviving through math exams is a huge burden for students who often get nervous by looking just at the question paper! In fact, most students also suffer from math anxiety that disrupts their focus in the exam hall. Now, you can't sit idle waiting for a magical math problem solver tool to rescue you.

Instead, why don't you learn strategies to make yourself feel more confident? Even if math isn't your favorite subject, you can score well if you know how to avoid a few inevitable mistakes.

Hence, to guide you with that, I have listed some of the best tips that will motivate you throughout! Keep reading.

What to do before exams -

Pay attention from the start

Students who are less interested in math often procrastinate from practicing regularly. So, if you follow the same and start preparing just a week before the exam, you cannot focus on any chapter.

Hence, stay aware of your syllabus beforehand and know the section taught in class. When you come back home, invest an hour on the math problems covered in class to remember them for a longer time.

Keep a separate copy for formulas

Maintain a separate copy where you jot down each theory, formula, and concept. Keep the charts close to you – preferably stuck somewhere near your study desk.

You ust also separate the primary formula and the later ones. This way, even if you forget the complicated ones, recalling the primary formula will help you do the sums.

Try doing the solutions yourself

It is necessary to experience try solving different kinds of mathematical problems. Hence, ensure you find solutions unassisted without relying on ready-made written math problem solver material.

Learning ideas and concepts is easy, but applying them in practice is more difficult. This is how you learn math.

Therefore, if you want to score 100, attempt each question individually at least three to four times a day.

Identify the areas that need improvement

You won't score well if you just prepare the easy ones. You must also figure out which questions are difficult for you.

If it's difficult to find out, you can test yourself with previous years' question papers. You will find out where you need improvement.

Test yourself with mock sets

Mock tests are a useful activity that is often disregarded.

But if you try taking a mock test, you will be more confident to do more sums in less time.

There are several websites where you can take mock tests and check yourself. Again, you can solve question papers with your friends and check who scored better. Such competitions will motivate you to spend more time on math.

Now, things to consider during the examination

Conceptualize before writing the answers

The best way to solve math problems is to visualize the concept in your mind.

When you clear out the concepts in the first five minutes, you can avoid getting lost in your question paper.

In fact, noting down a brief approach to how you will attempt the paper is also a smart idea.

Keep the answer sheet clean

You sould remember that the examiner will comprehend each stage of your answer and will not devote much time to a single response. So, when you write the solution, keep it free from overwriting.

You can also ask for loose sheets from the invigilator for rough work.

Answer in Steps

Every time you solve a question, make sure to answer in steps.

Do not directly write the answer. First, place the question as it is on your answer sheet. Then, write each step with necessary signs like '=,' '⇒,' etc.

This also proves that you know the solution, and the examiner will give you full marks.

Attempt the common questions first

It is normal to get stuck on a question you are unaware of, but just keep in mind that you have a set amount of time to complete the test.

So, focus on the questions you already know before moving on to the more challenging ones.

Present the diagrams well

If you draw the diagrams with accuracy, you can increase your grade. And for that, you must have a sharpened pencil along with the required geometric instruments.

When you construct any angle, make sure you have marked the sides well. Also, ensure that each of your diagrams is inaccurate measurements, as mentioned in the question. A difference of 0.2 cm can also deduct your score.

Watch out for units and converting

Questions of mensuration in math are as important as geometry or trigonometry. Hence, make sure you write the correct units wherever necessary.

You cannot be careless about putting 'cm' and 'm' wherever you want. Also, note that the decimal points are placed well. For example, 00.05 and 0.5 are not the same.

Revise your paper throughout

Nobody can be sure if every response they have written is entirely correct. Hence, make sure you have at least 30 minutes to revise your paper before submission.

Use this time to read over the questions and ensure you've given them your best effort.

You can also mark the questions about which you're the most unsure. You can attempt them again later.

 Another wise step is to review all of your calculations as soon as you can. For example, often in a hurry, you might write 5 instead of 3 or an 'additional' symbol instead of a 'multiplication' symbol when using a calculator.

You can remove these errors when you revise your solutions before submission.

Final Words,

The day of a math exam is one when most students panic and score poorly. There are many reasons behind this, but the common one is a lack of preparation. Hence, when you follow the strategies mentioned above, you can figure out what mistakes you have been making so far. May the force be with you!

Author Bio 

John Adams is a math professor in the USA and offers weekly online workshops on mathematical strategies. Apart from that, John is also associated with the academic brand Tophomeworkhelper.com where he works as a homework writers for students.


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