1500 watt LED grow light-King LED1500 Watt review

1500 watt LED grow light-King LED1500 Watt review
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26 August 2021

Best 1500 Watt LED Grow Lights Have you ever thought of maintaining an indoor garden or tried cultivating plants beside your kitchen window? Well, even if you haven't, it is pretty common these days. Not merely on a domestic level instead, indoor commercial farming has also risen in the past decades. Though thinking about indoor gardening makes one wonder how plants will grow without sunlight under a roof. Well, grow lights have made it possible to grow plants indoors. Installing a 1500 Watt LED grow light above your indoor plants will leave you awestruck with the plant growth.

In this article, we intend to present all information regarding grow lights. We will be answering questions like what grow lights are? The number of grow lights required for an indoor garden, the distance they should be at. In addition to this article will also include King LED 1500 Watt review.

What grow lights?

Grow lights, as the name represents, are used for growing plants. These are electric lights that intend to provide a light spectrum similar to the one offered by sunlight. As grow lights entail a human-made light spectrum. Therefore, one can customize them for different plants requiring varied light spectrum for optimum growth.

A plant growing outdoor requires a specific light spectrum and temperature. Plants cultivated indoors are provided with these using LED grow lights. These grow lights vary in providing light spectrum, luminous efficacy, and light intensity. Luminous efficacy refers to the parts of the plants that a grow light will light up. Moreover, the light intensity of grow lights offers a temperature check. High intensity indicates high temperature, and low intensity indicates cold temperature.

Depending on a plant's light requirement for growth, one can install relevant grow lights.

How many grow lights are required?

As long as growing a few plants is concerned, one or two LED grow lights may serve the purpose. Even the grow lamps can be pretty beneficial. But if the cultivating area is vast, covering up many square meters, then a proper grow lights installation system would be required.

Moreover, it is dependent on the type of LED grow light. To be more specific, it's wattage. The area coverage of LED grow light depends on the watts of the light. For example, a King LED grow light of 1000W covers an area of 3.5' x 3.5', and 1500W covers 4.0' x 4.5'.

So, depending upon the cultivation area, one should install grow lights.

How far should they be placed?

The right distance for LED grow lights depends on several factors. Such as the following;

Type of plant (seedlings/ leafy vegetables/ flowering plants)

Daylight integral ( the time and amount of light volume a plant needs to grow)

Area coverage of the LED grow light

Apart from the points mentioned above, a general idea about placing LED lights is 12-18 inches above the plants.

Keeping these factors in mind can help identify and install the best 1500 Watt LED grow lights for their plants. We emphasize 1500 Watt lights because they sufficiently cover a vegetative area of around four feet all around.

That is why the section below is a review on King LED 1500 watt grow light.

King LED 1500 watt review

If you want a light that can support plant growth in all stages of the plant lifecycle, then among the 1500 watt led to growing the light category, King LED 1500 Watt review to grow light must be your ultimate choice. The essential features of this light are explained below.

Full-spectrum light

It is a full spectrum light offering ultraviolet and infrared light ranging from 380nm to 780nm. This growth light intends to replicate the natural light with the given spectrum so that the plants can grow fast.

Vegetative cover

The vegetative cover this light can capture is 4'x4'. Furthermore, it offers flowering coverage of about 3.5'x3.5'.

Cost-effective and efficient

This grows light has adopted high-tech SMD LEDs and reflector technology that consumes only 195W compared to the traditional 600W HPS/MH light. The less electricity consumption makes it a cost-effective grow light.

Furthermore, the high-quality optical condensers provide high PAR output and improved light penetration.


This grows light consists of multiple high-speed fans, and premium quality aluminum radiators do the light work efficiently even at temperatures like 50°F to 60°F. Therefore, one can use this light for longer lighting times without fear of it burning out. 

Final thoughts

Grow lights are essential for indoor plants growth. Although the requirement of grow light varies from plant type to cultivation, one intends to cover with grow lights. But, giving due attention to these critical factors, one can get their hands on the right grow light. However, 1500 Watt LED grow lights are considered the most effective for plants covering a surface area of four feet.

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