1Z0-1059-22 Questions & Solutions - Pass Your Oracle Exam With Ease

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1Z0-1059-22 Questions & Solutions - Pass Your Oracle Exam With Ease

Oracle certifications are one of the most coveted professional qualifications and can open up a world of possibilities. Certkillers's 1Z0-1059-22 questions & solutions are updated and easy to understand. They are backed by a 100% money back guarantee and are guaranteed to get you through the exam.

1Z0-1059-22 Questions & Solutions - Pass Your Oracle Exam With Ease

Question: 1

What is a contract modification?
A. a change to the contract caused by negotiation with the customer

B. a revision or correction to the estimate of variable consideration made at inception

C. a change (modification) to the contract data

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D. an increase or decrease in expected collectability

Answer: A

Question: 2

Which is NOT a Price Band Type?

A. Amount Band

B. Set Band

C. Quantity Band

D. Percentage Band

Answer: D

Question: 3

Which three tasks can be performed In the Revenue Management Work Area?

A. Edit Contract Identification Rules.

B. Review Observed Standalone Selling Prices.

C. Manage contracts in "Pending Review" status.

D. Manage contracts in "Pending Allocation" status.

E. Review Performance Satisfaction Plans.

F. Review Revenue Price Profiles.

Answer: B,C,D

Question: 4

After defining a pricing dimension structure for a customer, you must define a pricing dimension structure instance. Which two attributes on the structure instance are inherited from the structure definition?

A. Wether Dynamic Combination Creation Allowed is enabled

B. The value sets

C. The Query Required option

D. The Displayed option

E. The shape: Same nunmber of segments and order

Answer: B,E

Question: 5

You define a Performance Obligation Identification Rule that uses the following matching attribute to group source document lines:

Extensible Line Character Attribute 7 Based on the data displayed:


How many performance obligations will be created In Revenue Management?
A. 6

B. 4

C. 5

D. 3

Question: 6

Which two are choices for the Satisfaction Method when defining a Performance Obligation Identification Rule?

A. require complete

B. allow partial

C. allow complete

D. require partial




Answer: A,B

Question: 7

A corporation does not have historical Standalone Selling Prices stored in Revenue Management. Which two options are available to help the corporation establish Standalone Selling Prices?

A. Load estimated process to table VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS using SQL script.

B. Navigate to the "Manage Standalone Selling Profiles" page and enter estimated prices manually for a given profile In the browser user Interface.

C. Navigate to the "Manage Standalone Selling Profiles" page and download spreadsheet template to enter estimated prices manually.

D. Run the Calculate Observed Standalone Selling Prices program to derive prices.

E. Navigate to the Revenue Management Work Area and enter estimated prices manually for a specific customer contract in the browser user Interface

F. Use the Revenue Basis Data Import FBDI template to load unit standalone selling prices.

Answer: C,D

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