2023's Best Dating Ad Networks

2023's Best Dating Ad Networks
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The Internet has significantly virtualized interpersonal connections. Several waves of coronavirus completed the image, and the amount of hours spent online is always growing. As a result, the amount of time men and women spend online dating in search of new mates is increasing.

It's no surprise that affiliate marketers that spot profitable trends on the go actively grasp the chance and effectively promote dating offers. Of course, traditional marketing approaches are regularly employed. However, given the nuances of the vertical, the major income is buried in other sources such as dating networks for marketers.

Different kinds of Dating Offers

The range of dating offers is so diverse that any marketer would be able to locate an appropriate deal to advertise. Aside from standard dating ad services, there are several sites that specialize on highly particular niches. Country and rock enthusiasts, married folks and those looking to meet singles, LGBT persons, and so on are among them. A new expanding business, such as relationship advice, would be an excellent find for a marketer.

Is it better to be mainstream or adult?

The dating vertical's offers are separated into two categories: mainstream and adult. In a nutshell, Mainstream caters to people searching for a long-term relationship, whereas Adult dating caters to those looking for a good time (18+ chats, webcams, sex dating, etc.).  

Although Mainstream is clearly simpler to deal with, Adult offerings are more profitable. Since 2020, the following trends have emerged:

Adult offerings dominate the market; the 15-20 year old audience, which was too young to target at the start of COVID-19, grew to 18-23 and became active; the LGBT community became a key component of the audience, particularly in English-speaking and Scandinavian nations, as well as Germany.

Dating Payout Models

Your strategy for starting dating advertising is heavily influenced by the reward type you choose. There are four alternatives available:


  • SOI (single opt-in) conversions are recorded when a user completes a simple registration. DOI (double opt-in) - you obtain the conversion when a user not only fills out the registration form but also confirms it by clicking the link in the sent letter;
  • CPA (cost per action) or CPS (cost per sale) - you are paid if a user does a certain activity, such as purchasing premium access or filling out a profile. It is the most frequent payment model; RevShare (Revenue Share) - the most complex algorithm when a CPA network pays a percentage of a user's income. You must wait for the user to subscribe and resubscribe.

Advertising Techniques for Promoting Dating Offers

Affiliates market dating deals in a variety of ways. We'll focus on the most prominent traffic sources: Google Ads, as well as social and advertising networks.

Google Ads and social networks



Anyone planning to advertise dating using Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other popular platforms should be aware that only mainstream dating is permitted. You are more likely to require a pre-landing. Even so, your account might be suspended at any time. Inappropriate keywords such as Live Dating App, Live Video Call App, and a slew of others can all lead to account suspensions.

Despite Google's statement that "some types of sexual content in ads and destinations are permitted," the network is more likely to remove your account than to show your adverts.

Facebook and Instagram may produce fantastic results, but the number of restrictions is not as limited as in Google Ads. As a result, it is more likely to be prohibited. At the same time, you may devote even more time to campaign launch.

Alternative Dating Traffic Sources 

  • So, what is the answer? To avoid Google limits and social media time-consumption, look for advertising networks that provide different ad forms.
  • There is a vast range of ad types for marketing dating offers:
  • Push notifications (traditional, in-page, and calendar);
  • clickunder, popunder;
  • native;


  • Click directly.

Formats for dating advertisements

Push advertising is one of the most popular and profitable forms. Its efficiency is due to its nature. A push ad resembles a messenger notification and so appears to be as natural as possible. This format attracts attention, has strong exposure, and has a broad reach. Because its business strategy is subscription-based, push adverts have a high CTR, CR, and ROI.

The Best Dating Push Ad Networks

To purchase dating push traffic, an affiliate must first select a good advertising network with whom to collaborate. Or, better yet, a handful of them. An ad network functions as a marketplace in which publishers sell their traffic and advertisers purchase it to promote their products.

Because advertising networks do not have the same stringent constraints as Google Ads and social networks, marketers have many more options to promote their products. Most advertising networks that offer push traffic also give the option to scale on the other formats indicated above.

To help your search for push traffic easier, we have compiled a list of the top ten dating push networks:

 7Search PPC

2023's Best Dating Ad Networks

7Search PPC is one of the greatest dating ad networks in the United States. This ad network uses a pay-per-click (PPC) approach, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your dating advertisements. Here are some of the advantages of using this advertising network:

This platform is well-known for its global reach and visibility. It works with a range of dating industry publications.

7Search PPC offers several ad forms, such as video advertisements, popunder ads, social bar ads, and more. With such a varied assortment, dating advertisers may choose the forms that best suit their campaigns and target market.



PropellerAds welcomes dating and has designated it as one of its primary verticals. There are options for both mainstream and adult dating. PropellerAds is another reliable network with extensive targeting options, reporting, and suggestions.

A marketer can pick between traditional push, in-page push, and multiformat campaigns. Use Traffic Estimator to see if there is a large enough audience for you.

PropellerAds has a valuable feature called offer optimization. The tool gathers data on the best employment placements for your offer. So, anytime you wish to advertise it again, it will be there automatically. Its foundation is machine learning and real-time analytics.




RichAds permits the use of adult creatives and landing pages with no restrictions. This robust network's crew consists of true professionals that understand the complexities of all verticals. And dating is no different.

More reasons to examine if this platform matches your demands include high-quality protected traffic, excellent automation features, and 17+ targeting possibilities.

RichAds updates its clients' whitelists on a daily basis. Targeting "New subscribers only" covers individuals who signed up for push notifications within the past seven days, giving marketers a high-converting audience.

Their blog is an excellent source of information, as it provides many detailed articles about getting started on Dating globally.



Dating is the most profitable segment at AdOperator. The push network offers simple registration and the industry's quickest approval. Furthermore, you can establish a campaign in a matter of minutes and begin receiving push traffic right away.

There is also live chat assistance and a wealth of valuable information and advice on their website, blog, and social media. Top clients receive a personal manager and sophisticated features. The CPA objective feature assists in meeting KPIs by boosting your reach and hence sales.



At Adcash, marketers can only start in-page push ads because there is no traditional push traffic. The network created website category targeting and user interest targeting to reach specialized audiences.

An advertiser can select supply sources from a large list of partners and accept or reject traffic from new sources. You may utilize a target CPA bid type, as well as black- and whitelists, to automatically optimize campaign traffic and performance. Device targetings can also be added or removed.

AdCash used the Inventory forecasting tool to predict traffic, which predicts the maximum amount of impressions a campaign may receive based on all traffic from the previous day.


Dating has always been and will continue to be one of the most popular and profitable affiliate marketing verticals. Due to the high demand for such offerings and the cash generated by them, several ad networks rank it as niche number one. So investing effort in developing ads on online dating advertising platforms is undoubtedly worthwhile.

And, because dating is not as straightforward as it appears, push alerts are really useful. Calendar and in-page layouts complement traditional push ad types perfectly.

Furthermore, anyone who wishes to generate passive money from their website can add code from dating networks for publishers. This will provide them with an added benefit from their users.

Overall, there is no ready-to-use method for selecting the appropriate offer, network, GEO, and payout type. Simply keep trying and searching for your own technique. And one day you might wake up as one of these lucky individuals whose monthly income from dating offers reaches $50,000.



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