3 Awesome Accessories To Go With Your New Gaming PC

3 Awesome Accessories To Go With Your New Gaming PC
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Few things can beat the feeling of bringing home a brand new gaming PC. There’s a certain excitement in placing it exactly where you want it, and then booting it up for the first time. For a few hours, you’re giddy just from fiddling with the settings and adjusting them all to your liking.

However, even a high-end gaming PC packed with the latest and greatest components–such as the ones offered by CLX–won’t be able to show you its full potential without some equally excellent peripherals. Here are the ones you should consider buying first:

Gaming Monitor
In many ways, your gaming PC experience will be largely dictated by the monitor that you use with it. It’s where all the action happens–the action that can be seen with your eyes, at least. Spending a chunk of change on a powerful graphics card won’t matter much if you don’t have a display that can fully take advantage of its cutting-edge features.

To make sure that you’re utilizing your system to the fullest of its capabilities, consider upgrading your monitor. Go for whichever size you prefer most. Many gamers enjoy having huge screens, as they can make video games feel more immersive. You can instead opt for something more compact if a 40-incher feels a little overwhelming from across your desk. In terms of display resolution, more pixels create a sharper image.

If you intend to use your new gaming PC to play competitively, consider a display with a high refresh rate. According to Linus Tech Tips, a high refresh rate gaming monitor can give you some advantage over your foes due to its ability to output images faster, which can then help reduce your reaction time.

Gaming Mouse & Keyboard
Most casual gamers won’t really feel the difference between a regular keyboard and mouse and ones designed especially for gaming. If you game often enough, though, you’ll want peripherals that feel good to use.

Gaming mice are generally designed in a way that lessens strain on the hand and wrist. They’re also more sensitive than your regular mouse, again helping improve a player’s reaction time. Gaming keyboards, on the other hand, offer higher durability than your standard office keyboard. They’re built to withstand heavy use and millions of key presses, and will typically last longer than the average keyboard. They’re also equipped with gaming-specific features, depending on the model and brand.

Ergonomic Chair
Unless your passion is in motion-controlled games or virtual reality, gaming generally means sitting for long periods of time–very long periods of time. Using the wrong chair can lead to pain in your back, neck, and shoulders.

An ergonomic chair equipped with a high backrest should prove just the ticket. Ergonomic chairs cradle the body, providing much-needed support to your neck, back, and shoulders throughout those long gaming sessions. They can also help you maintain good posture while seated. Look for a chair that offers lumbar support to help keep your spine and muscles properly aligned and decrease any tension on your lower back.

If you’re all geared up already and looking for a place to get a great deal on a gaming PC, check out CLX now! Browse their pre-builts or use their online configurator tool to build your dream custom gaming computer today.

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