3 Starline Satta Matka Games To Make You Rich

3 Starline Satta Matka Games To Make You Rich
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In the satta matka world there are hundreds of different games that have the capability to make you rich in no time. With a little investment you can earn much more compared to any other games out there on the internet. Starline satta matka games are also part of this wide sea. The rules of this are the same as regular bazaar games but there is one factor that makes these starline games pro in their category.

In regular bazaar games players had access to play these games twice a day in the given time. One at the time of opening and one at a time of closing. But here in Starline the player gets 12 chances in a day to play a starline game. There are mainly three games in starline satta matka, Kalyan starline, Milan starline and Dubai starline.

In the paragraph ahead we are going to show you how this game works and how you can make big money using that. On our website satta matka mobi these games are available for everyone and using our gaming app you can play this game with ease.

3 Starline Satta Matka Games

How To Play Kalyan Starline

The main objective of the kalyan starline game is to pick one pair of three numbers between 0 to 9. All the three numbers should be different and not repeat the same number again. Now here is the interesting part: you can play this game 12 times a day and the results are shown simultaneously. The starting time of kalyan starline to pick a number starts from 11:00 AM and from there with one hour difference you can play this game 12 times till 10:00 PM. For instance you first bet at 11:00 AM then second bet at 12:00 PM then third at 1:00 PM and so on till 10:00 PM.

How To Play Milan Starline

This game is thrilling and fun to play. Our gamers enjoy this game a lot. They love to spend time playing this game. This game is very easy to play and gives  you joy. The basic rule of this game is to bet on a pair of three numbers which after addition decide your winning number. Pick the number ranging from 0 to 9. Do not choose the same number twice. You can play the Milan starline game 12 times a day starting from 9:30 AM with one hour of difference till 8:30 PM.

How To Play Dubai Starline

Do not get confused with the name. It is the same as the game we mentioned above. The basic rule of this game is to pick a pair of three numbers ranging from 0 to 9 and all the three numbers should be different. You can choose the numbers according to your choice. Choose the number that you think has more chance of getting drawn. You can play this game 12 times a day. You will get the necessary information about this game on our website. The two games we mention are mainly morning games but these games are for night steamers. Yes, the time to play Dubai Starline game is midnight for more clarity visit our website.

All three starline games are different from regular bazar. It is very important for you to understand the rules of this game before playing this game because you do not want to lose your precious hard earned money with a little information. To get more clarity about these three games visit our website satta matka mobi and start utilizing your free time to generate your passive income.

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