4 Fun Ideas and Tips for Portrait Paintings

4 Fun Ideas and Tips for Portrait Paintings
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The painting in which an artist depicts a person, an animal, or anyplace is a portrait. However, it mostly is the depiction of people on a 2D surface like paper, canvas, etc. It shows the atmosphere, correspondence, and personality of the person. While painting a portrait, an artist can capture the psychological essence and the physical likeness of a person. If you are thinking of changing your favorite photo to painting, then make sure to reach out to a prestigious portrait painting service today that offers premium-quality paintings at a cheap price!

Here are a few out-of-the-box portrait ideas for you:

Animation or manga style

If you want to add a sense of vibrancy and humor to the portraiture then animation-style or manga portraiture is meant for you. In this way, you can give a specific, often ironic narrative to your portrait. You can also think of adding shiny fabric or glitter to emphasize the lips and eyes in the portrait. It will make the painting more fun.

A patterned background

Think patterns. They symbolize personal identity and also tell one’s personal stories by painting repetitive patterns. Additionally, they add a vibrant, interesting touch to the background. Your lovable pet cat sitting on the lush printed carpet can be a great choice to turn it into a memorable painting.

Stained glass-style portraits

Stained glass-style portraits can offer a certain ambiance to the painting as they lend an illuminative quality through the use of reflection and light to it. It also offers a tactile quality that heightens the feel of three-dimensionality. For instance, in family paintings, primary oil colors like green, orange, and blue echo commonly-used sainted glass colors. The contrast between the primary color and black creates a division between the background and the figures, which further emphasizes the figures.

Dutch golden age style with your pet

Wish to go for something quirky and special to make everyone laugh? Go for a portrait that delivers a sense of absurdity or humor. A suggestion would be to opt for the Dutch golden age style of painting with contemporary representation. Along with you, your pet can also be there in the painting to add more emotion to the picture.

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