4 popular Vietnamese food you should know about

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4 popular Vietnamese food you should know about

When people think of Vietnamese food Victoria, the dishes of pho and banh mi typically come to mind first. The fragrant noodle soup pho is sometimes cited as the "national food" of Vietnam. Banh mi, the inexpensive and savory rectangular sandwiches, are a mainstay of Vietnamese food Victoria. They are typically filled with ingredients like pickle carrots, grilled pork, and liver pâté. To say that pho and banh mi are the extents of Vietnamese food is to say that Mexican or Japanese cuisine is restricted to tacos and sushi.

Bun Cha Hanoi

Slider-friendly ground pork patties marinated in a diluted sweet or savory fish sauce make up the Hanoi Bun Cha Mini. Bun cha is essentially a dismantled version of bun thit nuong, a popular grilled pork and noodle bowl. It comes with a side of rice vermicelli noodles and a bowl of greens. In Hanoi, the dish is simply called "bun cha," but elsewhere, the term always includes "Hanoi" to indicate the city's role in the dish's development. How to Eat: Toss with fish sauce to taste, divide into three bowls (noodles, vegetables, pork), and slurp up noodles and vegetables in between bites of pork.

Bo kho

Bo kho, Vietnam's version of boeuf bourguignon from France, is a staple at all three meals. Braised beef shank and tendon in a broth flavored with lemongrass and five-spice powder, served with a side of plain, toasted banh mi bread, is the traditional method. To eat this Victoria Vietnamese food, break out chunks of bread, dip them in the sauce, and then chew on the juicy beef and crisp carrots.

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Cha ca

Hanoi's delicacy, cha ca, consists of white fish pieces marinated in turmeric and galangal (an aromatic root plant, similar to ginger), which are then grilled and served with rice noodles, and crispy puffed rice paper, called banh da. Each component comes in its own sealed bag, and assembly takes place before your own eyes at the dinner table. Pile some dill, peanuts, and puffed rice paper on top of some rice vermicelli and serve.

Banh beo chen

Banh beo, or steamed glutinous rice cakes, are delicious and enjoyable to eat, not to mention photogenic when served in the lovely small round saucers. Despite its origins as a light meal to be eaten in the afternoon, it is now commonly requested as a standalone main course for lunch or dinner. The cakes are normally served on a tray of nine to twelve individual saucers with a small metal spoon and a bowl of mild, sweet, and savory nuoc mam pha sauce. Optional toppings for this Victoria Vietnamese food include crispy pork fat or skin, minced shrimp, and fried shallot (mixed fish sauce). Pour some sauce over the cake, loosen the edges with the metal spoon, and cram the whole thing into your mouth at once.

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