4 Types Of Google Ads That Are Perfect For You

4 Types Of Google Ads That Are Perfect For You
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You might have seen all those ads which show up at the top section of the Google Result Page when typing a query in the search bar. 

Professionals from a reliable Google Ads Agency say they are known as “Text Ads,” and they are viewed as the foundation of the Google Search Network. 

These ads are pretty effective and are ideal for many businesses. But apart from that, there are several other types of ads that a great Google Ads Agency can provide you. 

The different types of Google Ads to opt for 

A reliable and trusted Geofencing Marketing Agency says that there are many types of Google ads that can maximize marketing efforts. These are:

  1. Display Ads 

The image/picture-based advertisement runs on Google Display Network. This clearly means that you can see these types of ads on websites that partner up with Google to offer ad space. 

Google will show all these ads on the websites that your target customers visit frequently. Also, these display ads can have either animated or static graphics and are highly suggested for all brand awareness campaigns. 

  1. Application Promotion Ads 

The application or app promotion ads will promote an application. These types of advertisements will run on Google Search and also on the Display Networks, such as Google Discover, YouTube, and Google Play. 

The app campaigns can keep their concentration on advertising the app installs, app pre-registrations, or app engagement. If you wish to advertise your application in the Apple App Store, you can run a campaign on Apple Search Ads easily.

  1. Video Ads

There are different types of video ad formats. You can opt for the one based on your needs and provide an engaging experience to all the users. These video ads will enable you to reach out to customers on various Google Partner platforms and sites, such as YouTube. 

Video ads are viewed as an excellent ad format that’s ideal for upper-funnel objectives. It’s highly recommended to all those organizations who have a budget to invest in all the video assets. 

Opting for this type of ad format will be a great choice because each day, people view many hours of video content on platforms like YouTube. Experts say that around 70% of individuals purchase from a brand after they see its advertisement on YouTube.

  1. Call Only Ads 

The call-only advertisements run on all smartphones. It will enable you to promote all the phone calls. These ads will run during operation hours or all the time. When an individual clicks on the ad, the ad will then place a call directly to you through the SERP. 

These kinds of ads will provide both descriptions and headlines that will also mirror normal text advertisements. But these advertisements are pretty different from the call extensions because they operate as their own ads.

They will encourage a user to directly call your business, and the text ads will send all the users to the landing page of your business’s site.

Wrapping Up

Using Google ads to promote your services or products is an excellent way to bring in new customers and also improve the traffic on your business’s website. There are many types of Google Ads available. You should only opt for the one that will help fulfil your business objectives.


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