4 types of high BP medicine

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Continue reading to find out about the four types of high BP medicine and their effects on the body. 

Diuretics - these should get rid of the unwanted and excess water content from the body. These high BP medicine should be consumed by an individual who experiences high blood pressure.  Excessive water content can be easily removed from the body, thus making it easy for the blood to flow through the arteries and veins. One of the reasons for high blood pressure could be the inability of the blood to pass through blood vessels through a streamline flow. Excessive water content in the body will occupy space and make it difficult for the blood to flow through the arteries in an efficient manner.

Hydrochlorothiazide and chlorthalidone are amongst the thiazide diuretics. These will reduce the absorption of the sodium content in the body. Following this, the body will decrease the absorption of fluid intake. This will therefore get rid of the excessive water from the body. 

Triamterene and amiloride are amongst the potassium diuretics. 

Furosemide and bumetanide are amongst the loop diuretics. 

Beta blockers - these high BP medicine act by blocking the chemical actions in the body. This will reduce the chemicals which will simulate the heart beats. Lowering the heart rate will decrease blood pressure. Beta blockers are amongst the high BP medicine which will act on the heart rate and therefore bring blood pressure levels to normal. 

Metoprolol succinate and betaxolol are amongst the high BP medicine under this type. 

Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors - A hormone angiotensin II is reduced in its production via this medication. This hormone is known for narrowing the blood vessels. Taking this medicine will make sure that the individual no longer experiences narrowed blood vessels for the blood to flow. This will widen the blood vessels. One can easily counter high blood pressure disease by taking these medicines. 

Monopril and quinapril can be used as such medications. 

Calcium channel blockers - There is a need for calcium for the muscles to easily flow within the cells. This medication should prevent calcium from entering the muscle cells of the blood vessels. Easier flow of the blood can be made through this medicine. Reduction in muscle cells from entering the blood vessels will make sure that the blood is able to flow easily without any restrictions.

Plendil and verapamil are amongst the high BP medicine under this category. 


The above mentioned were the four different types of high BP medicine which one can consume in order to bring back your blood pressure level to normal. 

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