4 Ways Good Facilities Management can Help Your Business

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03 February 2023

How do you define facility management?

It's one of those terms that many people are familiar with but then struggle to explain very precisely. And, since it's a profession that actually covers many different disciplines, it makes perfect sense!

4 Ways Good Facilities Management can Help Your Business

At its core, however, is ensuring the effective, efficient and safe functioning of all types of built environments. But when you think about what it takes to achieve this, given all the complex interactions required between people, places, processes and technology, you can appreciate why it's not a function that can be summed up in just a few words. And its diverse nature means something that many people don't immediately understand. Facilities management is not just about 'maintaining the status quo'; It is likely to offer some significant benefits to businesses as well.

How does facility management help businesses?

Let's start with perhaps the most obvious benefit – compliance. Obviously there are requirements for your building to comply with regulations and laws. And this is something that benefits management involves. Keeping people safe from fire, making sure your water system is safe, managing asbestos issues, keeping buildings clean and healthy - the list goes on. But the impact of good facilities management goes beyond that.

1. Increased wellbeing

For example, think about the impact of providing your employees (or other building users) with a building designed to give them their best environment. It's inevitable that budgets and the building itself create constraints to work with, but the role of facilities management is to help you achieve the best possible environment within those constraints. And providing employees with a good work environment can have an impact on all sorts of factors – happiness, better productivity, even retention.

It does not have to be a state of the art reform. Simply maintaining and working with what you already have sends the message that you want to provide the best environment for your employees. Just a few simple ergonomic changes can transform a workplace - even adding some plants can be a start!

2. Improved use of space

Every business needs to ensure its building is being used as efficiently as possible and facilities management professionals are the experts to advise you on how you can do this. In many cases it is not physically possible to increase the amount of floor space available so instead you need to consider ways to make better use of the space. Often people live with inadequate arrangements when some simple cost-effective changes are needed to improve the use of space.

3. Better environmental performance

Finding ways to improve your building's energy efficiency is an important contribution to making your business more sustainable as well as reducing costs. Are windows and doors poorly insulated and causing heat to escape from the building? Are you on top of your maintenance? Leaks and worn parts in compressors, pumps, fans and HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems can all cause inefficiency and waste energy.

4. A good first impression

Consider your building's impact on a visitor. A potential new hire perhaps, or a customer or client. You want to give them the best impression possible, and if your amenities are clean and welcoming, that can be a very good start.

A well-maintained building may not seem like your top business priority, but there are many reasons why it's important—all of which can ultimately affect your bottom line. If you want some support in managing your facilities, Evbex.com offers you a completely flexible approach to help ensure compliance and achieve all the other benefits that effective FM management has to offer.

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