4Liker apk

4Liker apk
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21 September 2022


10 Million People Can't Be Wrong: 4Liker Is the Best Way to Get More Likes on Facebook

4Liker is the most popular way to get more likes on Facebook, and has been downloaded over 10 million times. The latest version, 4Liker 3, takes everything that was great about the original application and improves upon it in just about every way possible. Whether you’re looking to boost your number of Facebook likes or simply improve how much engagement your posts receive, 4Liker makes it easy to increase the number of likes on your status updates with complete privacy and at no risk to your account or your private information.


The latest version of 4Liker is available for Android and helps users increase the number of likes on their Facebook status updates. It has been downloaded over 10 million times, making it one of the most popular apps of all time. The app is designed to work with any browser. Users simply click the Install button after downloading 4Liker apk. After a quick installation process, they can get started increasing likes by posting a new Facebook status update or sharing an existing post from their newsfeed to friends' timelines. A like counter keeps track of how many people have liked the posts in question and displays them in green numbers at the top of the screen.

How it works

4Liker is an application that makes it easier for you to get more likes on your Facebook status updates. Just install it and sign up with your Facebook ID. After you set your preferences, every time you post a status update, 4Liker will automatically send out requests for likes to all of your friends. You can even tell it what times of day or days of the week you want to do this. If you're feeling particularly lazy, just tell 4Liker how many likes you want and it'll take care of everything for you. It's easy, free and there are no ads. What are you waiting for?

When do I use this app?

Many people feel intimidated by social media and as a result avoid joining Facebook. Even those who do get involved may not be sure how to effectively share their thoughts or just want more people's attention. There is an easy solution for this, especially for Android users: 4Liker. By using an app that increases the number of likes on your status updates, you can make any update from I'm happy to See what I did today seem like a huge success with dozens of likes. The other cool thing about this new version is that it even works with Instagram and Twitter. Downloading 4liker apk is simple, following these steps will have you ready in minutes!

Who does this help?

This app is helpful for people who want more likes on their posts. It is great for people who want to see how their content resonates with others. The app also helps protect your privacy because it doesn't require any personal information, only a Facebook account.

4liker apk lets you share posts from your computer as well as tablet and smartphone. You can also make unlimited posts in a 24 hour period and you can control how many likes each post gets by adjusting settings. There are no ads that interrupt your experience, which is another perk of this amazing app.

Download now!

Are you looking for a way to get more likes on your status updates? Download the newest version of 4liker now and watch your social media game skyrocket. With over 10 million downloads, it is one of the most popular applications in history. The best part? It's free and easy to use!

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