5 Benefits of having digital menu boards for your restaurant!

5 Benefits of having digital menu boards for your restaurant!
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Digital menu boards could change the entire way your restaurants are perceived.  They also save you a lot of time, cost and effort of your resources.  

If you are yet to have them at your restaurant, it is natural that you might have a lot of questions as to why you should go for them. 

You might also be concerned on the costs associated with getting a digital menu board.  

To clear your concerns, we are bringing you our top 5 reasons why you should be going for digital menu boards in the first place: 

  • They help you manage menu updates quickly  

Digital menu boards are the easiest way to help you manage your menus the best way possible. You can easily update your menu prices from anywhere. If any of your menu item goes out of stock, you are free to remove them with ease.  

With menu board software, you are free to alter your menu designs as and when you need. Unlike paper menus that require a lot of time and effort to be updated along with the recurring costs associated to it, the digital menu boards are much more flexible in every way possible. 

  • They help you save on paper printing costs  

Even if your paper menus require a single change, they need to be updated and then reprinted. It is definitely much costlier than the digital menu boards.  

Coming to digital menu boards, you just pay a subscription fee and then you are pretty much free to make any kind of change to your menu right from prices, images, design to offers/promotions being displayed on the menu board. 

  • They can be managed remotely  

Digital menu boards offer you the freedom of managing pretty much anything on your menu boards easily. You can be at your home, travelling or at your office for that matter, any change you need on your menu boards, well, just a few minutes of update and there you go, its ready. 

Adding to that, you can also grant your staff the access to the menu boards and they as well can manage the menu boards from anywhere.  

  • They offer more design flexibility compared to paper menus 

Paper menus clearly bring a lot of withholding since they do not let you make flexible updates to your menus as quickly as you need. Also, an error once made on them, takes a lot of time to be corrected.  

Digital menu boards on the other hand, completely remove every drawback that paper menus offer. You are free to create any kind of a menu template and that too with ease using digital menu boards. 

  • They attract more attention and thus more orders 

Digital menu boards grab more eyeballs compared to paper menus. With high-quality menu images, correct fonts, and an excellent menu template, your menu boards will definitely grab more attention. 

Make sure to dedicate a separate screen to your offers and promotions to get your best-selling menu items more orders.  


The day is not far when you will see a lot of restaurants using digital menu boards to display their menus. Menus are the front face of any restaurant, it is crucial they are given the due diligence and displayed as digital menu boards.  

If you are looking for a very simple yet effective solution that will help you manage content on your menu boards easily from anywhere, sign up for our 7-day free trial and discover how easy we make it for you.  You can also reach us at info@dotsignage.com with your inquiry and our team will get in touch.

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