5 differences from Disney+ that make it a good alternative to Netflix

5 differences from Disney+ that make it a good alternative to Netflix
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01 September 2022

Is it better to subscribe to Netflix or Disney+? Let's put them on paper. We tell you, what are the differences that make it a good alternative to Netflix? "Which streaming platform should I subscribe to?" Surely you have asked yourself this question more than once. And it is no longer just about Netflix; now, you have Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Prime Video, and other platforms packed with worthwhile content.

But if there are two great competitors, those are Netflix and Disney +. Netflix, which was the one that started the streaming boom, and Disney+, which boasts of having mythical series, classic animated films and the entire filmography of franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel in its catalog.

But is it really worth subscribing to Disney+ over Netflix? Does Disney+ have something to offer, or is it only sustained by the Marvel and The Mandalorian series?

5 differences from Disney+ that make it a good alternative to Netflix

Well, that's what we want to tell you today: what are the five differences from Disney+ that make it a good alternative to Netflix. Let's start!

1. Its price

The first main reason that puts Disney+ above Netflix is ​​that it is much cheaper Disney +. Although the difference is not abysmal, it does show in your pocket, especially at the end of the month, and its catalog offers you a lot for very little.

Comparing prices, Netflix has three different plans depending on the use you give to your account:

  • Basic Plan: It costs 7.99 euros per month, but you can only watch and download content on a single screen at the same time and in standard definition, that is, SD.
  • Standard Plan: the most demanded plan. It costs 11.99 euros per month and allows you to view content on two screens simultaneously, in HD definition.
  • Premium Plan: It costs 15.99 euros per month and with it you can see content in Ultra HD on four screens simultaneously.

On the other hand, Disney+ offers only one package with two forms of payment: monthly and annual. You can subscribe to Disney + for 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year. If you opt for this second option, you end up paying 5.83 euros per month.

Whichever plan you choose, for a significantly lower price you can watch content in 4K and on four different devices at the same time. You notice the difference, right?

2. Your children's catalog

To opt for one platform or another, the price and the catalog come into play. We have already seen that Disney + wins by a landslide on the price issue, but what about its catalog?

In both cases, you will have to dedicate years of your life to watching all the movies and series that are on both platforms, so you have content to give and give away. But what kind of content?

Well, Disney+ offers much more than series and movies: it also has incredible documentaries of its own and National Geographic, as well as more adult content with Star. You even have all the seasons of The Simpsons!

Because yes, Disney + is aimed at all audiences but boasts a much broader children's catalog, either with its innumerable series or movies. So, if you have children at home, surely Disney + are the perfect option to enjoy many afternoons on the sofa and blanket with the family

3. His classic movies

A strong point of Netflix is ​​that it offers very interesting original movies. So many that many get lost in its extensive catalog, but this is something that happens with all streaming platforms. Well, what about Disney +?

Well, Disney + offers you movies that everyone knows. Not only do they have every Star Wars and Marvel movie to their credit, even the most recent ones, but you can also watch every Disney and Pixar movie ever. Even Disney classics that is hard to find!

If you grew up watching animated Disney or Pixar movies, you will surely enjoy the Disney+ catalog much more, since in it you will find your favorite movies of a lifetime in 4K quality: The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Dumbo, even Very classic classics like Robin Hood or The Three Caballeros.

To this is added the content of its own production, Disney+ Originals, such as The Mandalorian series or all the series based on the Marvel universe and exclusive to the platform, such as Wanda vision, Loki or What If...?, and those that remain to be seen get.

4. Your profiles

Although the platforms tried to fight it at first, they realized that it was very difficult to fight against shared accounts, so they decided to expand their possibilities by adding profiles in a single account so that it could be used by multiple people. And how many profiles are we talking about?

You can have up to five profiles on a single Netflix account. For its part, Disney + allows up to 10 devices registered in the same account and lets you create up to seven different profiles and each one will have its own list, its playback history or its recommendations based on tastes.

5. Your simultaneous streaming

Simultaneous streaming has become a must for streaming platforms. In the case of Netflix, its Premium Plan allows streaming on four different devices at the same time, while the Standard Plan allows streaming on two.

Disney + wins again by a landslide, since it has a single plan that allows you to play content on four devices at the same time for much less money, since its monthly fee is 8.99 euros per month and the Netflix Premium Plan costs 15 .99 euros per month.

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