5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your Mortgage Loan Approval Process

5 Essential Tips to Speed Up Your Mortgage Loan Approval Process
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To unlock the maximum value of the property in case of business expansion, funds for a new startup or any personal needs, a mortgage loan stands out as a good option. A loan against property ensures adequate cash to meet your financial needs of any kind. Wonder Home Finance is a provider of quality-driven financial services, offering attractive and pocket-friendly loan against property. It is a perfect solution if you are seeking a quick and hassle-free mortgage loan at an affordable mortgage loan interest rate. We offer tailored interest rates based on factors such as your credit score, the total loan amount required, tenure chosen, and the EMI amount opted.

Multiple Benefits of Loan Against Property

What is a mortgage loan? 

A mortgage loan or loan against property is a specialized home loan product that provides quick funds for business or personal needs. It requires collateral, typically your property, against which the loan is borrowed. During the loan tenure, the ownership of the property is transferred to the lender until the loan is fully repaid. With reputed affordable financial service providers like Wonder Home Finance, you can avail a mortgage loan for various purposes such as starting a new business, expanding an existing one, consolidating debt, purchasing new equipment, or even for personal or educational commitments. This secured loan also helps you realize the best value for your property. Affordable mortgage loans can be availed by salaried, self-employed, government, or individuals belonging to the armed forces. To maximize the benefits of a loan against property and speed up the approval process, here are five essential tips that you should know.

5 Essential Tips for Quick Mortgage Loan Approval  

Make sure of your financial standing: A loan against property is a huge responsibility like any other home loan type. You must ensure that you are in a comfortable financial position before starting this journey. There might be additional charges that come along with a mortgage loan which includes loan-related, document-related or legal fees. It is recommended to maintain a separate cash reserve for unforeseen circumstances, which should be distinct from the down payment funds. This approach ensures that any emergency can be handled without causing financial strain or disruption.

Compare various lenders for the best mortgage loan interest rate: It is highly significant for you to do your research before committing to any financial services provider for your mortgage loan journey. Various financial services offer various mortgage loan interest rates along with added benefits and offers. Affordable financial service providers like Wonder Home Finance provide affordable and competitive mortgage loan interest rates to self-employed, salaried and government individuals.

Check your mortgage loan eligibility: It is recommended that you check your mortgage loan eligibility before applying for a loan against property. This gives a tentative estimate of how much loan you can seek based on your monthly income, mortgage loan interest rate and loan tenure. You can easily check your mortgage loan eligibility by using the Wonder Home Finance eligibility calculator. In case of any discrepancies, it is essential to address them promptly to ensure a seamless process. 

Assess your Mortgage Loan Credit Score: Credit score plays an integral role in getting your mortgage loan approved. It not only determines your creditworthiness but also enables you to get a fair mortgage loan interest rate, flexible repayment options and convenient home loan tenure. A good credit score also accelerates your mortgage loan approval process. You can easily check your credit score at credit score checker.

Valuation of Property to be Mortgaged: Before applying for a mortgage loan, you should be aware of what components are evaluated during property valuation and make amends accordingly. Company experts examine the plot area, the overall condition of the property which includes fixtures, amenities, flooring, roofs, and the location of the property that is mortgaged. The amount of the mortgage loan is sanctioned based on the overall metric value of the property. 


Loan Against Property or mortgage loan is one of the most viable solutions for quick and hassle-free funds for business or personal needs. With the above-mentioned tips, you can accelerate your mortgage loan approval process and make the most of this home loan product. Our experts skillfully evaluate your property’s market value on various yardsticks and bring the best offering against it. With our easy documentation and streamlined mortgage loan application process, Wonder Home Finance has made the mortgage loan approval process easy for all with longer loan tenure, customized loan repayment options and quick turnaround time.

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