5 Event Press Release Examples That Captivate Your Audience

5 Event Press Release Examples That Captivate Your Audience
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Events are a crucial part of any company's marketing strategy. They allow you to reach new customers and generate buzz around your brand, but they also require careful planning and preparation. If you're looking for inspiration on how to create a successful event press release, here are 10 examples that will help you get started:

Highlight a unique aspect of the press release event

  • Highlight a unique aspect of the event.

  • Interview a celebrity, notable person or local business owner.

  • Interview a politician, sportsperson or scientist for your press release about an upcoming concert or show.

  • Write about something unique that happened at your event in their words so they can share it with their followers (example: "The band The Antlers brought their new album Social Cues to our city".)

Focus on the impact of the event

  • Talk about the impact of this press release events on the community.

  • Talk about how it will impact the world.

  • Talk about how it will impact our economy and society as a whole.

Feature compelling quotes

  • If you have quotes from experts in your field, use them.

  • If you have quotes from people who have experienced the event firsthand, use those as well.

  • If there’s a quote from someone who attended your event and has been affected by it (or even contributed to its success), include that too!

  • Make sure that you are following up with all of the individuals mentioned in order to make sure they are okay with being included in this press release and will be prepared for any follow-up questions about their involvement at future press release events.

Use multimedia elements

  • Use a video. A good photo or graphic can have the same impact as a video, but it’s important to use both. You want to show your audience why they should care about what you’re presenting, so don’t just rely on text alone—use multimedia elements such as photos and graphics to help make your press release more compelling!

  • Use quotes from attendees and speakers at the event (or even people who attended past events). If there was an interesting quote that came up during a panel discussion or Q&A session at an event last month, try incorporating those words into your own press release by including them in quotes below: “We want everyone attending this conference to learn more about our company's products."

  • Include charts/graphs showing data related to the topic at hand; for example: "This year's conference will be held in Chicago," which means there's no need for me explain why anyone should even consider attending - just look at all these cool press release on event happening around town!

Personalize the story

  • Use a first person voice.

  • Use a conversational tone.

  • Use a friendly tone.

  • Write your points in bullet lists, not paragraphs or sentences. This makes for easier reading and gives the reader something to focus on while they read through your content, which is especially important if it's short enough to be difficult to digest all at once (such as an event press release).

  • Make sure that everything you write is easy-to-read; this means no fancy formatting like italics or bolding! Instead, use basic styling like big fonts and blockquotes—these types of effects will make your writing stand out even more than it would otherwise because they're so unexpected; when people see something that looks different from what they're used to seeing on their computer screens every day (like those colorful fonts), they'll pay attention immediately!

Use data or statistics

  • Statistic examples

  • How many people have participated in the press release event?

  • How many people were affected by the event?

  • What do you want to say about this data?

Create a sense of urgency

When you use urgency in your press release, your audience will be sure to pay attention. Make sure that their eyes stay glued on the page and don’t wander away from the content until they are finished reading. Here are some ways you can use urgency:

  • Use it at the beginning of a sentence or paragraph when making a point about how important something is (e.g., “This event is extremely important because…).

  • Use it at end of sentences or paragraphs when explaining why something should be taken seriously (e.g., “This event press release must not be missed! Here's why...).

Incorporate social media

Make sure you incorporate social media in your press release. Social media can be a great way to connect with your audience and share information about the event, speakers, sponsors, venue and more.

Highlight any partnerships or sponsorships that add credibility and support to the event.

  • Highlight any partnerships or sponsorships that add credibility and support to the event.

  • Explain how they make the  event more interesting, memorable and successful.

  • Explain what partnerships and sponsorships are, why they are important for your event, how to find relevant partners/sponsors.

Provide clear and concise information

The first thing you should do is provide a brief introduction. This will help your audience get acquainted with the post event press release and its speakers, as well as their topics.

Next, give an overview of what you’re going to discuss in your presentation. Does it relate directly to one of your speakers or topics? If so, this section can serve as a summary for those who aren’t familiar with either one or both of them (and thus may not otherwise know what they talk about). You can also include some information about how long the session will last and whether there are breaks during which people can leave if needed. If there's an evening reception planned after dinner ends at 5 p., then mention that in this paragraph too—and why attendees should hurry over there instead of waiting until 6 when dinner ends at 6 p.. Give details here like location (address) and time zone difference between where attendees live/work versus where they're located now; this lets everyone involved know exactly what time zone we're talking about here!


The takeaway is the most important part of any press release. It's what you want your audience to take away from reading it, and it's usually the first thing people will see when they open up an email or see your story on social media.

The best way for you to write an effective takeaway is by using specific language that speaks directly to each person in your audience (and their needs). For example: "We are excited about this event press release example because…," "This event is perfect for those who enjoy…," etc., etc., etc. A good example would be: "We're excited about this event because we think that our attendees will love learning more about how they can use technology in their daily lives." This type of statement makes it clear why they should care about attending events like these—it gives them reasons why they don't have time right now but should definitely attend later down the line!


We hope this article has helped you understand how to use press releases to build your event’s publicity and profile. Remember that the most important part of any press release is its tone, which should be professional and engaging. By using these tips, you can ensure that your event gets the attention it deserves—and more importantly, you will have a better chance of making an impact on people’s minds and hearts!

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