5 primary uses of online dictionaries

5 primary uses of online dictionaries
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Online dictionaries have become one of the most integrated part of our daily life. You can be a student, or an employed professional or even a business owner and online dictionaries will still be helpful for your everyday ventures. Online dictionaries are much more convenient than the traditional methods of learning vocabulary.

However, these days the use of online dictionaries have become short-lived. Since all you need to do is to type the word that you want to know in the search bar for the search engine, it will show you the meaning right away. This simple and convenient process has eliminated the need of using an online dictionary.

Nevertheless, you can still use online dictionaries for your benefit. In this article we will discuss 5 primary uses of online dictionaries. These uses are explained below.

1. For building vocabulary

One of the best methods of learning and building vocabulary is by using online dictionaries. Online dictionaries like ALDictionary offer the learners the chance to learn words by subject. If there is specific subject that you want to learn vocabulary on, then you can choose that subject and the dictionary will show you a number of words along with their definition and grammatical explanations. This is an easy method of learning new words without having to search for every single one of those separately.

2. For learning grammatical explanation better

Searching for a word in the search engine will certainly show you the meaning and the synonyms of the word but it will not show much related to the grammatical explanation. Hence, if you are looking forward to learning everything about the word then it is always better to use an online dictionary. With the help of an online dictionary, you get to gain a full explanation on the grammatical background of the word and learn the language better.  

3. As a tool to learn a new languages

Even though there are a ton of translation tools available, those mostly work properly when you search for a single word. If you are trying to learn the meaning and the definition of a specific word, then it is better to use an online dictionary. Online dictionaries like ALDictionary offer the users to search for 10 languages including English. You can easily switch the language to your preferred one and click on the search button to gain insight on the word that you have searched for.

4. Learning about the origin of the language

There are some specific words, which are originated from a specific region and carry some significance regarding that. Using the word properly is only possible when you know the origin and the significance accurately and only online dictionaries can provide you with such information when you look for a word. This helps you in learning about the word deeply and you learn better than ever.

5. For learning application of the word

Learning a word is not always enough. You need to learn the application of the word as well. When you use online dictionaries like ALDictionary, they suggest examples and how the word is used in a sentence. You get to understand the application of the word better and you can then use it by yourself.


Therefore, it is safe to say that online dictionaries are not totally out of use. You can certainly use it in the abovementioned ways or based on your own needs. However, make sure to choose the right online dictionary in order to gain the best possible results. There are so many choices available all over internet and you can easily choose the right one for you.

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