5 Reasons Why Students Ask Others to Write Their Essays

5 Reasons Why Students Ask Others to Write Their Essays
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“Can someone do my essay?” – Students write such queries out of desperation when faced with homework assignments. The assignments pose to be constant threats to the students in many ways. The subjects are diverse and confusing, the calculations are too complex, and the various rules and regulations overwhelm them easily. So, they get no other option but to ask, “Can anyone do my essay for me?” Here we discuss the five major reasons why students seek online help so desperately –

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  1. Finding the Topic

This is the first thing needed for any essay, and students struggle to find the right topics. An ideal topic must be relevant and create a sense of interest and inquisitiveness among the readers. However, finding such a topic takes time and familiarity with the subject. Since students are amateurs in writing essays, they seek help from professionals to find appropriate topics.

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  1. Thesis Statements

A thesis statement summarises the entire message of the essay within a couple of lines. Summarising a ten-page essay within two or three lines is a mean feat. Moreover, the statement must be crisp, clear, robust, and understandable. So students hire essay writers instead of spending hours thinking about how to make compact thesis statements.

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  1. Research and Evidence

Conducting research is an essential part of writing essay papers. Writers need to browse hundreds of study materials, online journals and solved samples to find enough content for writing a paper. They also need to validate the evidence from multiple sources before writing the essay paper. This is a time-consuming and daunting task for someone who doesn't know how and where to look for content. Hence, they look for online experts who can help them with accurate content.

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  1. Lack of Time

A student’s life is full of commitments. They need to attend their classes, labs, tuition, and extracurricular activities, apart from personal commitments. After spending more than half of the day working continuously, they run out of time and steam. So, they try to get someone to do their pending homework while they can take a breather.

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  1. Confusing Rules and Regulations

Every university has its unique set of rules and regulations. Students get confused with the various referencing styles and end up making mistakes. So, they try to play safe by hiring professional writers.

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These are the five reasons why most students ask, "Who can do my essay online?” and hire an expert.

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