5 Simple Resources Management Tool

5 Simple Resources Management Tool

Growing businesses always have a ton of things moving around. From managing schedules, tasks, projects, and ensuring reports happen correctly, it’s challenging to manage all of this in one place.

Resource management software is a single tool to manage your resources and projects in one place. Instead of having a bunch of tools, Resource Management Software is the one tool that can handle them all. 

Resource Management software is much more similar to Project Management Software and Workflow management software, but when you are looking for resource management tools, you need a bit more than a to-do list reminder tool. 

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the best resource management tools that will help you plan work assignments for your teams and work for the well-being of the most important resource- employees.  

Why is resource management important?

Are you aware that resource management is the most challenging among project managers for a few consecutive years? Moreover, one of the research says there is a significant rise in poor resource management since 2018 and has been ranked as a challenging task for management. Poor resource management can lead to overutilized or underutilized staff on projects, which turns to damage the organizations' finances and even make the deals turn down. This is the major reason behind the inability to allocate resources and plan resources properly, often triggered by the lack of resource management tools. How can you build a sustainable company if you don't have resources planned and allocated? 

The benefits of resource management tools are:

  • Forecast capacity
  • Helps in creating a realistic schedule
  • Helps in making the best use of available resources
  • Helps in resolving conflicts
  • Know the new hiring time
  • Evenly distribution of workloads
  • Help in avoiding the ideal time.

5 simple resource management tools

If you want to avoid the panic situation where you are not aware of the resources available, you need a resource management tool. These resource management tools will help you to track the resources- employees who can do the job, the time needed to complete the tasks, and also forecasts the equipment required to start and finish the tasks. Some of the resource management tools are strictly for the resources but some act as all-in-one options. 

How you use your resources and your projects is up to you and what works in your business flow.  So lets’ dig in for top resource management tools to make your project successful and within the budget. 

  • eResource Scheduler

is the best resource management software. eResource Scheduler is the best resource planning and management tool that is configurable to the core and comes with powerful features like configurable scheduling chart, configurable working calendars, custom fields and forms, resource utilization and project management reports, calendar integration, email notifications, rest API and the list goes on. 

This resource management tool is designed to stand in line to meet the everyday resource management requirements of organizations to overcome all resource management pain. It is available as both a cloud-based and on-site solution. eResource Scheduler launched in 2010, it is the best fit for all sizes and types of organizations. 

The informative dashboard offers all the information on a single screen. Scheduling Gantt Chart view offers convenient and productive functionality like comprehensive filters to identify qualified resources, drag and drop scheduling, extend and shorten, cut/copy/paste, and split. These features make the eResource Scheduler resource management tool a breeze and help in balancing the workload. 

Configurable resource management reports like resource utilization reports, availability reports, and financial reports will provide you with accurate data at all levels of the organization. Configurable email notifications and calendar integration ensure that users can access important information even when they do not log in to the application.

Key Features:

  • Easy drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Configurable scheduling charts
  • A powerful dashboard that pulls all the resource allocation details with few clicks
  • Leave handling
  • Powerful reports that help in making resource allocation smart
  • Configurable Email notifications
  • Third-party calendar integration
  • Timesheet to track the resources working time.
  • Float

Float is a resource management tool that helps employees set individual working hours, track time, and can schedule their leaves and time off. Float robust reporting tool helps in pulling the data directly from the project so that you can make resource data-derived decisions for your business, easy integration with teamwork. Configurable email notifications Come with Zapier integration which makes it easy to connect with other apps. 

Key Features:

  • Easy to assign resources
  • Customized time tracking
  • Integration with PMS
  • Mavenlink

Up next on the list is Mavenlink. Mavenlink is specifically tailored for project managers who want to streamline resource management using an easy to use visual interface. Mavenlink is packed with resource allocation, and resource availability, inclusive of the resource shaping tool (for even allocation of work), built-in timesheet, and powerful reporting features. Mavenlink is great for medium-sized companies. 


  • Resource forecasting
  • Capacity management
  • Role-based planning
  • Skill management
  • Teamdeck

Next on the list is Teamdeck. Teamdeck is also a resource management tool that comes with functionality like resource scheduling, timesheet, time tracking, and leave management. Resource calendars and reports give you an insight into the actual workload. Teamdeck is designed to help employees manage their own availability, and leaves and can track their time.


  • Team schedules, and workload management
  • Time tracking and timesheet management
  • Resource utilization reports
  • Leave management
  • Resource Guru

One of the most popular resource management tools and has been around for quite some time. It helps you book tasks as per resource availability. It comes with a smart calendar that allows the project manager to set particular tasks as billable or non-billable. Resource Guru makes handling leave management with ease. Project managers can easily view which resource is available and thereby can make resource allocation decisions accordingly. 


  • Personal dashboard for all team members, to see tasks allocated 
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Downloaded resource utilization reports
  • Custom field and customized permissions. 

Find the right resource management tool for your organization

Technology has so many benefits and these tools can go a long way to improvise the process. By enhancing resource planning, scheduling, and time tracking, the software can help in making planning simpler, less stressful, and make working more efficient. However, if you name them from capacity planning, resource scheduling software, or resource management tools their roles are similar. They give you better visibility to manage the resources, projects, scheduling, and availability. With real-time data Project managers can have a clear overview and can make smart decisions and can plan projects with confidence.

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