5 Steps For Writers To Create A Successful Blog Post

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Content writers working in the blog post writing service agency have to write different blog posts for different niches in one day. Since they are providing writing services to clients, it’s important that the company’s writers should deliver a blog post that is relevant and engaging-in short, the best blog post.

If a writer cannot deliver the desired quality of writing to clients, it's possible for a company to lose that client. However, it's also necessary to understand that writing for different niches is not an easy task. It requires tone, quality, research, and skill to frame a blog post according to a particular client’s requirement.

To make it easy, we are going to share a quick 5 steps that you can share with your writers working at a blog post writing service agency so that the next time they sit down to write, they can create a masterpiece that your client will love.

Decide The Blog Topic According To Assigned Keywords-4 Ways To Create Engaging Blog Topic

This is the first and foremost task of a writer you’re going to do. You must have a complete content sheet for different content requirements.

You have a keyword, and now you have to create an attractive and engaging Topic for the blog.  To do it quickly, here we have 5 ways to find a blog topic.

1.AI Writer Tool

AI writing is one of the quick ways to generate an engaging blog topic according to the keyword. You just need to put your keyword in the search bar, and it will give you the 5 best creative blog titles. There is also an edit button to edit the title and make it natural.

We recommend this AI write a tool to quickly create a title, but we do not recommend copying the title. You can use the edit to make it natural. Uber suggest and SEMrush can be your first choice to create a blog topic.

Many blog post writing service agencies purchase the paid plan of it. However, you can also use its free version that is limited to 3 trials for a day.

2. Use Keyword Phrases/Google Autocomplete To Find A Blog Topic

Keyword phrase technique used to rank for a related term. But it can also be used to create a title. Go to Google, type your keyword and then start using the alphabet one by one in the keyword, doing this will give you an engaging title that includes your keywords. This is also known as Google Autocomplete.

3. Use Quora To Find Topics On Keywords

To get some engaging title ideas, put your keyword into the Quora search bar and explore thousands of ideas or even titles.

4. Use Benefits, Reasons, Mistakes, Uses, And Guides In Titles To Quickly Create A Blog Topic

Benefits of Blog Post writing services, reasons for writing, mistakes you should avoid, all these quick words can be used to create a sequence of content. Whatever the keyword is, there must be some benefit or reasons for using the product or service that is why people use it.

Know The Required Tone And Quality Of Content

Every client wants a different tone for the content. And quality matters the most. So, before starting writing, check the client's website and its already published blogs to know the required tone and quality of content.

Start Your Research - Tips To Research Your Blog Topic Quickly

Because you have your blog topic now and you’re aware of the tone and quality for a particular client, it’s time to research your blog. Here we have some research tips for a blog topic.

  • Use Quora to gather information about the topic.
  • Collect statistics from Statista and Oberlo-like websites.
  • Check complete guides. This will give you a huge amount of content from which you can take relevant and important ones for your blog.
  • Use Google Scholar to find information.

For a blog post writing service agency, it’s really helpful for quick research.

Collect Facts, Information, And Statistics To Build Authority Content

To create authority and credibility in your content, it’s important to add genuine facts, figures, and statistics. Research some facts and figures and add them to your blog content. It will help readers to trust your blog content. Additionally, many blog post-writing services have a marketing and research team who can provide you with all this information.

Start Writing Your Blog Post- Tips To Write Engaging Introduction

Follow the standard format of a blog, that is;

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion


Here are a few tips to quickly create an engaging introduction of your blog.

Tips To Create An Engaging Introduction

  • Start the introduction with strong statistics.
  • Start the introduction with a strong number like 8 million bloggers choose blogging as their career
  • Start with a fact.
  • Start with an introduction using a famous and reliable person's name.


Collect all your information and start writing the body of the content. 

To create engagement with the audience, formulate your blog with;

  • Why-why is it?
  • What-What is it?
  • How-How to solve it?

If you follow this way, formatting and building content will be easier. It will also help to create engagement. Many blog post writing service agencies follow this content strategy to prepare documented content strategy.


Make this part simple. Allow readers to comment on your blog post by asking for feedback. Add a question at the end so that customers post a question and make connections.


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