5 Tips to Maintain Your Hand Tools

5 Tips to Maintain Your Hand Tools
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It's crucial to protect yourself at work by learning how to take care of your tools properly.

Make sure to keep your tools clean, dry, and well-organized. Not taking good care of them can lead to less efficiency, lower quality of work, and other problems that can affect your earnings. Check out our top tips for hand tools safety to learn more.

This article specifically looks at maintaining tools used by linemen, construction workers, and those in the oil pipeline industry. Keep reading to discover our useful tips for keeping your tools in good shape!

How to Maintain Hand Tools

1) Find Proper Storage

5 Tips to Maintain Your Hand Tools

It's essential to have a well-organized and well-maintained tool storage system. This not only keeps your tools in good shape and easy to find but also enhances the overall appearance and organization of your work area.

  • Invest in high-quality storage containers and organizers to keep your work tools sorted and easily accessible.
  • Place them in a convenient location so you don't have to waste time searching for them when needed.

Avoid storing your tools directly on the floor; instead, consider options like bags, drawers, chests, or pegboards. Shelves and pegboards are particularly useful for smaller tools like socket wrench sets, strap wrenches, or hydrant wrenches, making them easy to locate and access.

For power tools, store them in their designated cases or original packaging whenever possible. Adding silica gel packs to toolboxes can help absorb excess moisture and prevent corrosion.

If you use tool chests, consider using anti-rust and corrosion liners in drawers for added protection. Safely store power tools in your garage with a pegboard for easy access.

2) Clean Your Tools

5 Tips to Maintain Your Hand Tools

The best way to store your tools is to clean them each time you use them. If you ignore this step, your tools can gather dust, dirt, and grease, making them less effective the next time you need them.

Make sure your tools are free of grease and oil before putting them away. This practice helps preserve their condition and extends their lifespan.

3) Inspect Your Tools

5 Tips to Maintain Your Hand Tools

No matter your profession or hobby, a crucial rule is to inspect your tools after every use. This is especially important for industrial crank handles, where even a small nick or dent can lead to problems.

After using your tools, take a quick look for any damage. Perform this maintenance at least every six months.

  • Check for loose nuts or bolts and tighten them right away to prevent further damage.
  • Remove rust and corrosion or replace a tool before using it.
  • Examine power tools for cracks on handles and housing.
  • Inspect cords and plugs for damage; a damaged cord can be a fire hazard, so replace it with a safe one.
  • Refer to the user manual for additional maintenance instructions for your lineman or pipeline tools.

4) Monitor Your Environment

The best place to store your work tools is a dry, clean, and organized space. This type of environment helps you easily find your tools, preserves their quality, and gives your work area a professional appearance.

Avoid storing tools in hot or humid places, especially metal ones. Damp conditions can cause metal corrosion, and moisture can harm electrical components.

Opt for a dry and cool place with low humidity to maintain your tools over time. Avoid keeping tools in damp garages or basements, as this can lead to corrosion and other issues related to moisture.

Consider investing in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are generally affordable and won't strain your budget when considering the cost of your tools.

5) Practice Safety Precautions

Some tools can be dangerous to you and your coworkers. So it is important to make sure that you know the following hand tool safety precautions

  • Wear the right safety gear, like goggles, gloves, and a hard hat, when using power tools.
  • Check that your tools are in excellent condition and have been properly maintained.
  • Carefully read the instructions before using any tools.
  • Keep bystanders, kids, and pets away from where you're working.
  • Be cautious when using lineman tools around electricity.

It's crucial to maintain your tools for various reasons, with increased efficiency being the most important. Follow the tips mentioned above—clean, lubricate, inspect, and store your tools properly—to ensure they run smoothly and last longer.


Keep in mind that taking good care of your tools makes them last longer and helps you work more safely and efficiently. By adding these extra tips and tricks to your regular tool care routine, you can make sure your tools perform well and stay in good shape for a long time.

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