5 Ways to Get More followers and Views with Instagram REELS

5 Ways to Get More followers and Views with Instagram REELS
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The post briefs you on five key points you can apply to your content in order to get more views and followers for your Instagram reels.

  1. Create educational, useful, and valuable content for people:

You can create educational content such as how-to’s, and tips that sort things that will result in a lot of views. This is really great way of getting people to watch all the way through watch again and then act on it.

For instance, they go back to your profile, they may go to your reels as well and they will watch all of your other reels because they are interested in what you are teaching. This is really a great way to get people to watch and engage with your content.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity within your niche to teach people something, you should teach all the things to the people that you know. You should always remember that all the news things that you know, you may not know a few years ago. 

So you should cater it to all those people that are in the same position that you were a few years ago. You don’t have to be an expert.

  1. Create content consistently:

You should not only create content within a particular niche, but you also need to create the same type of content. This will make your potential followers easy to know what to expect next. This is one of the best keys to gaining more Instagram followers with your content.

If people understand what they can get then they will surely follow you by pressing the follow button. They are more likely to do that, therefore consistency is very important because it allows people to know the type of content that you are going to create in the future.

  1. Create plenty of content on regular basis:

If you want to get more views and followers for your Instagram reels then you should create a lot of content on regular basis. You really need to invest a lot of time and energy in creating content.  Surely your investment will pay off. 

So, it is always recommended to produce lots of content on regular basis. Whenever you gather the data that you created and if you look at it later. For instance, if you have posted two or three reels then you will get a very less boost when compared to creating plenty of reels.

Therefore, you need to create a lot of content and then assess what you can change, what you can improve, and which parts of the content does really well.

  1. Use text to explain the content:

You always need to use text at the beginning of the video to let your followers know what’s going to happen and what they are going to learn or discover in the reel. This is really great way to get the viewers invested straight away so they can watch that content all the way through.

  1. Make use of thumbnails that represents the content:

This is a final but very important point to get more Instagram views and followers fast. Thumbnails are really very easy and clear to understand what you are going to get if you click on the reel.

There is one famous principle on YouTube that is absolutely key to get success. It is understood that clickbait is extremely damaging to your content and to your channel and your account.

 Your content is judged by the algorithms by how it performs when people are watching it. If people click off your content within a few seconds of watching it this meant that content is dead and will not be picked up by any algorithms at all. The main reason behind people clicking on your reels is that it wasn’t what they expected when they click on the thumbnail.

If people watch your video and fully understand what the video was going to be about then they would watch it all the way through and nobody will click off it because the people who were going to click off it didn’t click on it in the first place. This is because the thumbnail was very clear about what was going to happen in the content.

This is really very important principle to learn while creating reels on Instagram. Therefore, it is very important to make those thumbnails representative of the content. 


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