5 Ways to live addiction free life

5 Ways to live addiction free life
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08 December 2022

Addiction is a disease and it affects everyone differently. You may be able to kick the habit by following these tips:

Set a goal

  • Set a goal that you can achieve

  • Make a plan to achieve your goal

  • Start with small goals and move on to bigger ones. The more you accomplish, the better!

  • Set a deadline for your goal (if applicable) and celebrate when it's achieved!

Surround yourself with healthy friends

There's no better way to help yourself stay away from drugs and alcohol than by surrounding yourself with healthy friends. If you're lucky enough to have one, find a support group meeting where people can share their struggles and hear from others in similar situations.

You might also consider joining a gym or taking up an exercise class (or both) so that your body is as fit as possible when it comes time for recovery work.

Set a routine

This is the most important thing you can do to successfully beat your addiction and live a life free of drugs or alcohol. You need to establish a consistent routine that you follow every day, including weekends and nights (if necessary). A good example of this would be getting up at the same time every morning, going through your daily activities during the day, eating dinner at home with family/friends before going out again if desired. Your routine should help you avoid temptation by giving you structure in which to spend time without having any drug-related activities occurring around you!

Avoid places that make you addicted

You can avoid places that make you think about using alcohol or drugs. If you feel like drinking, don't go to the bar where everyone else is drinking. Instead, go somewhere quiet and away from people so it won't be as tempting for you.

If there's a chance that someone might tempt me into using drugs, I'll try not to be at the house with them either (if they're my family members). Sometimes this means staying in our apartment instead of going out with friends on Friday night because we've had too much time off work lately and have been doing nothing but watching Netflix all week long. This also applies if we have guests coming over! We're always leery of putting ourselves into situations where we could get into trouble by being around certain people who are addicted; after all: "Don't mix business with pleasure."

Another way I avoid temptation is by avoiding places where I feel bad about myself or my actions/behaviors - whether its feeling guilty for doing something wrong or just plain embarrassed about something silly happening during dinner conversation between friends at home together one night before bedtime came upon us all unexpectedly fast without warning...

Go to support group meetings

If you need help, don't feel shy to ask for it. Likewise, if you are looking for suboxone doctors near you, feel free to connect with local subSupport groups are a great way to stay on track. There are many different types of support groups, so it’s important to find one that you feel comfortable with and where you can get the help you need. Talk with your doctor about whether or not support groups may be right for you.

Support groups can help people who are addicted stay motivated by providing them with accountability and encouragement from others who understand their struggles. By going through this process together, members of the group will gain strength from each other’s example and motivation as they continue forward in recovery from addiction.


You can live an addiction free life. It is important to set a goal, and it is also important to surround yourself with healthy friends. A routine will help you stay motivated and avoid relapse, so make sure that you have one of those in place!


The first step to living a life free from addiction is setting a goal. You will need to start by finding your own personal reason for staying away from drugs or alcohol, but you can also consider getting support from others who have already made it through this difficult journey. Surrounding yourself with healthy friends and establishing routines are two important strategies for overcoming addiction and keeping yourself in check when times get tough!

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