6 Industrial Robot Companies that are Ruling the Industry

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There is no secret that robots are taking over the world. And becoming highly prevalent in nearly all industries, ranging from healthcare to construction, automotive, defense, manufacturing, and education.

Whether you’re looking for used industrial robots for sale or getting familiar with the industry, you should know industrial robotic companies leading the market. There is a plethora of industrial robot companies that offer feature-rich and high-performing robots. But each manufacturer excels in specific areas, which is worth paying attention to.

4 Popular Industrial Robot Companies

  1. ABB

You can typically identify ABB robots by their distinct white color and red logo. The brand was founded in 1988, based in Zürich Switzerland. They are also experts in automation technology and power equipment.

ABB continues to develop cutting-edge products and support programs to allow companies to be efficient, resilient, and adaptable. You can choose to buy ABB robots as it goes beyond the boundaries of technology to take performance to a new level. 

  1. KUKA

KUKA brand is easily recognized for its unique orange color. Founded in 1898, began as a manufacturer of acetylene gas. In 1956, the company first pioneered industrial automation with an automatic welding system and developed the first welding robot in 1971. 

You can look for KUKA robots for sale to use in many applications, including material handling, loading/unloading of machines, palletizing/depalletizing, and spot and arc welding. They are largely used in the automotive and aerospace industry.

  1. Fanuc

This brand is well-recognized for its bright yellow color. Founded in 1972 and is based in Japan with its headquarters located at the base of Mount Fuji. The manufacturers carry a diverse background and expertise in robotics and other automation equipment, specifically CNC machines.

Fanuc robots are known for high precision, speed, and accuracy. They are suitable for assembly, pick and place, testing, dispensing, and packaging procedures. In the beginning, these robots were utilized in the automotive sector welding seats, axles, and other elements, now taking over to most-risky tasks in the industry.

  1. Yaskawa

The immensely popular Motoman range of robots is manufactured by the company, Yaskawa. The brand is usually identified by its distinctive white and blue color. Founded in 1915 but the first robot was launched in 1974. The most iconic thing is the company introduced the first electrically powered industrial robot in Japan as earlier robots were hydraulically driven.

Other Popular Industrial Robotics Companies

While the above-discussed ‘Big 4’ plays a significant role in the robotics industry, other companies are leading the industry in their own way. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Epson

When you hear Epson, you might think about desktop printers. However, the company also plays an integral part in the robotic sphere. Founded in 1942 and based in Nagano, Japan, introduced robots in the South and North American markets in 1984. Epson robots are used to produce automotive parts like brakes, ignition systems, clutch parts, and more.

  1. Kawasaki

A Japanese industrial robot manufacturer known for its engines, motorcycles, and aerospace equipment. With a broad product portfolio, Kawasaki has become a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems. 


As a whole, all these industrial robot companies could be a valuable investment. While it can be confusing to see many different options available in the market these days, you can rely on a reliable source to buy used industrial robots to perform a variety of applications in diverse industries.

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