6 Tips for Using a Handicap Scooter

6 Tips for Using a Handicap Scooter
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6 Tips for Using a Handicap Scooter

Handicap Scooter or mobility scooters restore freedom and independence to those with mobility impairments, so it makes sense that they are used often by many. Although scooters are often safe, their tiny size can make them harder for other road users to see, therefore it's crucial for users to show caution when operating them. So, in this tutorial, we'll go over 6 Tips for Using a Handicap Scooter.

Select a scooter that is appropriate.

Making sure you have the appropriate scooter for your type of handicap is the first step in safe scooter use. Before making a scooter purchase, consult with an occupational therapist. They will be able to advise you on the best kind of scooter for your needs. You can get assistance choosing the ideal scooter from our skilled mobility specialists. Sccotaround will provide you with a test drive before you get on the road to make sure you feel at ease using the controls and confidence behind the wheel.

Dress in highly visible attire

It can be challenging for pedestrians and other drivers to see Handicap Scooters on the road. While the majority of scooters have lights, it's still crucial to be as visible as you can when you're out and about. The constant advice for brand-new customers is to purchase essential safety gear like high visibility jackets, safety helmets, lamps, and reflectors. These improve your visibility to other drivers and will safeguard you in the unlikely case of an accident.

Keep an eye out for other users

Mobility scooter users must be aware of other drivers, both on the road and the sidewalk. In order to avoid accidents, constantly keep an eye out for vehicles pulling out of parking spots or reversing out of driveways. Keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially kids and animals, when you're on the street. Because Handicap Scooters are so quiet, it's possible that pedestrians won't see you as you approach them. As a result, be considerate, give people plenty of room to pass, and don't be in a hurry.

Follow the regulations and stay on the sidewalk

It is not advised to use a mobility scooters on the road unless there is no other option. Use the footpath wherever possible when you're out and about, but always remember to follow the regulations! Keep your walking speed between 4-6 km/h when sharing a sidewalk with pedestrians, especially kids. You can speed up to 10 km/h if there are no other pedestrians around and you feel comfortable doing so.

Keep Your Mobility Scooter in Good Shape

This is among the most crucial advice for your mobility scooter. Your mobility scooter has to have regular maintenance. Normally, you'll receive a maintenance manual from the scooter's manufacturer when you buy it, or you may find it online at the company's website. To keep your scooter in top functioning condition, read the maintenance instructions thoroughly and follow them as rigorously as you can. Additionally, the majority of manufacturers offer technical assistance to help with any scooter-related problems that may arise.

Learn the Local Rules

Make sure you check with your local municipality before taking your scooter out in the public. 

Your town or city may require you to wear a helmet when operating a scooter. Additionally, they will likely prohibit riding on most streets and roads and instead require you to drive on sidewalks or use a bike lane, for your safety.

Even if a helmet is not required by law you may decide to wear one if your scooter has a fast top speed, in order to protect yourself. Bottom, take any precaution that will make you feel safe and comfortable while operating your scooter.


While keeping your mobility equipment in good working order is crucial for your safety, bear in mind that your surroundings may not always be safe. Sadly, accidents do occur as a result of common hazards including uneven pavements, pedestrians, bicycles, road crossings, and driveways, so follow these Sime 6 tips which will help you use as well as keep you safe your Handicap Scooter

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