6 Tips to Pick the Best International UAE School for your Child

6 Tips to Pick the Best International UAE School for your Child

For some people, enrolling their child at an international UAE school is a dream come true. The schools provide the benefits of international education and help groom them to be global citizens of tomorrow.  

 In addition, many of these schools place a heavy focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship. This can help your child get ahead in the job market or start their own company.

 How do you decide which school is the best choice for your child? The following tips can help you evaluate the pros and cons of choosing one UAE school over another.

1. Location of the UAE school

You should consider the proximity of the school to your residence. This way, if the school is nearer, the student will find it easy to commute between home and school. 

As a result, the student doesn’t have to travel long distances back and forth, which also saves time for them. They can utilize this time-saving on more productive activities like homework or a small nap. The student will no longer be tired when they come back from a long day at school. 

2. Extracurricular Activities

Schools with good reputations tend to have strong extracurricular activities, from sports teams and clubs to music and drama programs. These activities keep students interested and help them get to know each other outside of the classroom.

3. School fee in Dubai

Parents need to factor in this vital component. They need to know that they will be able to align the fees with the household income. Doing so will help them comfortably pay the full school fees on time. Aligning the school fee in Dubai with your household income further facilitates a smooth learning experience for the child. 

4. Class size

Class sizes can vary greatly between international schools, with some having over 50 students per class. The larger the class size, the harder it will be for the teacher to give one-on-one attention to every student. So, you should think long and hard about this before choosing a school. 

 A good international school will have a lower 'teacher-to-student ratio. As a result, she can impart personalized learning to every student.

5. Security at school premises

The school needs to leverage tech solutions for its students. The use of app-based location tracking, proper ID badges, and online monitoring software inculcates a sense of safety and reassurance in parents. The presence of security guards and biometric-based access to the teaching and non-teaching staff further strengthens the security aspect at the school. 

6. Parent-Teachers Association

The school should have a strong Parent-Teachers Association. Having such a body helps in ensuring that there is a network of parents to assist with the activities at school. The association also ensures that new initiatives are introduced by the school and implemented. The association plays an important role in helping the school maintain its position among the top 10 schools in Dubai.

To sign off

Many important aspects, including the school fee in Dubai, influence the final choice of UAE school for a child. Remember these factors when you examine the various educational institutions for your kid.


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